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David and Margarita Ely

David and Margarita serve in Cyprus with the Greek-speaking evangelical church.

Only around 1% of Greek Cypriots are evangelical Christians and, though many claim to be Greek Orthodox, this faith is often nominal. People assume that they are Christians yet they’ve never had the chance to hear and believe the gospel message. The island needs more churches that are committed to teaching the Bible.

Margarita is a native Cypriot and moved to Aberdeen for university, where she met David. Since getting married in 2015, David and Margarita have increasingly seen the need the island has for churches committed to teaching the Bible to Cypriots. David has spent five years training at the Tron Church in Glasgow, working with and pastoring the Farsi-speaking congregation. They both love serving a local church that has the word of God at its heart.

David and Margarita are currently part of the church family at the Greek Evangelical Church Larnaca. In the future, they hope to help plant a church in the region to the east of Larnaca. 

Get to know the Elys better in the interview below (filmed in July 2023).




Evangelical Christians:


Main religion:

Greek Orthodox

Main Languages:

Greek, Turkish

Recent Prayer Letters

I hope you are enjoying the onset/first touches of spring as you prepare for the coming Easter season. This year, Greek Easter and western Easter are about as far apart as they can be, so whilst you all enjoyed pancakes a few weeks ago we are only just about to have our equivalent, tsiknopempti, this coming Thursday which, for many, starts the Orthodox ‘great fast’ leading up to Easter on 5 May this year. Instead of pancakes, tsiknopempti is a day for eating barbecued meat which has the wonderful effect of making everywhere smell delicious.
I had hoped, in this update, to share a photo with you of the first class of students at St Barnabas Bible School. Unfortunately, I am not able to. More on that in a moment. First of all, let me say that we continue to be very thankful for your partnership with us in every way, and it was very good to catch many of you in person during our trip to the UK in the summer.
It’s been a little while since our last update, but that’s because we’ve had something fairly exciting brewing here in Cyprus, and I wanted to wait until things were settled with that before sharing it with you. For the last few months, we (that is the Greek Evangelical Church, Larnaca) have been working on plans for a Bible school and last week the session approved the plans. So now, I am excited to be able to introduce St Barnabas Bible School.
The big update of this letter is some family news. Our youngest, Phinehas Michael Ely, was born at 20:55 on Friday 17 February.
It’s now been ten months or so since we arrived. Alongside much to be thankful for, the time since we moved here has had its fair share of difficulties, frustrations and homesickness. To know that we are remembered and prayed for has been a great comfort to us. I hope that this brief update will encourage you, as well as help to fill up your prayers for us in the months ahead.
Thank you all so much for your prayer and support over the last four months since our move to Cyprus. It’s very encouraging to know that we are remembered and that so many of you are praying for us.

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