Gap Year Team Leaders

The opportunity

Leading a Crosslinks gap year team provides you with the opportunity to:

  • experience the realities of cross-cultural mission;
  • encourage our mission partners
  • grow in your faith and disciple others in theirs;
  • support young people in building strong friendships with other Christians;
  • help young people make the transition from school to adult life, and work out what being a Christian looks like in their new context.
Our requirements

To lead a Crosslinks gap year team, you:

  • must be a mature Christian;
  • are preferably between 21 and 30 years old.*

* If you are older than 30 but feel that you relate well to young people, please do still apply!

About the role

As a team leader, your key role is a disciple-maker. This generally involves:

  • modelling godly living;
  • leading Bible studies and teaching the team how to prepare studies of their own;
  • carrying out one-to-ones with the team members (mandatory);
  • leading topical seminars;
  • taking the team members an application-focused study (such as BCUK’s Real Change or Tim Chester’s You Can Change)
  • leading (and encouraging team members to lead) daily devotionals;
  • taking regular time off (mandatory), which includes spending some time away from the team members so that you can build your own friendships while you are away.
The team members will have their own roles and you may choose to get stuck in alongside them as long as you still have time to prepare your teaching materials. 

The application process

We want to ensure that you are the right person for the role. That means that we’ll spend time getting to know you (and allowing you to get to know us) before we ask you to commit to coming by signing our booking form and paying a deposit.

Get the process started by filling in our application form or by contacting Jaki North (either on 07483 027118 or by email) to arrange an informal chat. The deadline for applications for the 2024 cycle is 30 June 2023.

This year’s Cape Town Gap Year Team


January to April

  • Applications
  • Interviews

May to June

  • Selection and formal offers made

July to October

  • Fundraising, booking flights, visa applications

September to November

  • Team-building weekends

Early December

  • Orientation weekend

January to May/June

  • Gap year placement
  • Debrief upon return