In October 2022, we gathered for services in London and Northern Ireland to celebrate 100 years of the Lord’s faithfulness to us and looked forward to many more. Here is a whistle-stop tour of the last century! You can watch the London livestream and individual interviews on YouTube.

Inside Mission

Inside Mission is a podcast connecting you with those serving in mission across the globe. In each episode, Jamie Read (Rupert’s predecessor as Director of Mission Partnerships) chats to frontline mission workers around the world to put you in touch with what mission looks like today. You can watch the whole series on YouTube.

Six Essentials for a Life of Gospel Partnership

We’ve put together a series of videos to introduce you and your church to six things that we think are essential to gospel partnerships. These six essentials will go a long way towards helping you build partnerships that stand the test of time and space. You can view the whole playlist on Vimeo.