Dear family and friends,

Greetings to you all.

It’s now been ten months or so since we arrived. Alongside much to be thankful for, the time since we moved here has had its fair share of difficulties, frustrations and homesickness. To know that we are remembered and prayed for has been a great comfort to us. I hope that this brief update will encourage you, as well as help to fill up your prayers for us in the months ahead.

As many of you know, I preached for the first time in Greek over the summer. The sermon went well, though it took a long time to prepare. The challenge for the next few months is to get that preparation time down to something more reasonable and sustainable. To that end, I will be preaching a little more often in the first half of 2023, starting on New Year’s Day. At the same time, I will also be giving a series of lectures throughout the term (in Greek). I have been surprised at how close my language ability and my ability to think clearly are. Though I can now write reasonably competently in Greek (without the ability to freely go-over, edit, rearrange and rephrase things), the process of putting quality material together is a lot slower and more frustrating than I’ve experienced before. Pray for perseverance in this, knowing that it will get better with practice.

During the summer we were able to hold our inter-church youth group camp for the first time in several years (see photo above). Some of the momentum from camp has continued into this term at youth group, for which we are thankful. The core of youth coming along have been enthusiastic about being there, and most importantly, engaged with the Bible teaching. We have just finished a short series of talks on themes in Proverbs which, with the response we received, clearly hit a real need for these young people. Pray that they would seek true wisdom, beginning with fear of the Lord.

In the next few weeks we will be starting Christmas things in the youth group. Pray that we would be able to communicate a sense of wonder and joy as we teach and celebrate.

As with many places, the church in Cyprus needs to be able to train people for the future without having to send them away, separating them from their church. The Greek Evangelical Church had a desire to begin to provide training like this, and so this term we began with two theology classes a week. At the moment, the scope is fairly limited and group sizes are small as many of those we would like to benefit from these lessons are very busy. Pray for wisdom for us as we think about the best model for this kind of training. The lectures are already available online (if you speak Greek!), and that has gained some interest from those who can’t be at the lessons in person. Please pray that we will be able to creatively use the resources available to us so that this training would serve the churches in Cyprus well. Pray it would fill them with the knowledge of the glory of God, and equip them to stand firm in the truth in the generations ahead.

​In family news, Margarita continues to do an excellent job running our household and pursuing opportunities for hospitality. Without her work around the home we would all have fallen apart by now, and her desire to be hospitable and generous with our home has been a huge help in our efforts to build Christian community. She is also helping to lead a small daytime Bible study group each week – pray that this would bear good fruit.

Everything is progressing well with the pregnancy; both Margarita and the baby are well. The due date is 14 February, so that puts Margarita at about 27 weeks pregnant as I write this. Aurelia turned three a few days ago, and enjoyed celebrating with her friends.

As always, we continue to be very thankful for your partnership in our work here. It is an enormous encouragement to know that so many are remembering us and praying for us.

All the best,

David and Margarita


Please pray for...

  • For perseverance in language learning and for the Lord’s help in preparing sermons/lectures.
  • That the youth would learn real wisdom, starting with the fear of the Lord.
  • That we would be able to use the opportunities Christmas gives for building Christian community, and sharing a sense of wonder and joy in our faith as we celebrate the glory of God with us.
  • That our nascent theological training program would grow and serve the church in Cyprus.
  • For the final few months of Margarita’s pregnancy.


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