Greetings to all of you,

It’s been a little while since our last update, but that’s because we’ve had something fairly exciting brewing here in Cyprus, and I wanted to wait until things were settled with that before sharing it with you. For the last few months, we (that is the Greek Evangelical Church, Larnaca) have been working on plans for a Bible school and last week the session approved the plans. So now, I am excited to be able to introduce St Barnabas Bible School.

As everywhere, the church in Cyprus needs future leaders (elders, deacons, pastors etc.) and these future leaders would benefit greatly from training to help them carry out their callings faithfully. Currently, the only training option is to move abroad, something which many can’t afford to do (financially or otherwise). In addition to the local churches, many parachurch organisations have teams and workers on the island – most would benefit from training to help carry out their work faithfully and effectively.

Despite the need for theological training there is no academically substantial, biblically faithful theological training available on the island for those who live here. Cyprus needs such theological training to strengthen the Christian community and help the church in Cyprus come to theological maturity. St Barnabas’ Bible School will be a new work on the island towards that end. I don’t have space in a short update like this to go into all the details. But briefly, in our first year (starting October 2023) we aim to offer three things:

  1. A one-day a week ‘Bible and Theology’ course
  2. Evening classes
  3. Several Saturday conferences

Many more details about the school, and about our plans can be found on our website. We’d be greatly encouraged if you would visit the website and, if you feel inclined, ‘like and follow’ our social media pages, to increase the chance that those who would benefit hear that the school exists.

Please also pray that students would apply, that we would be adequately supplied by the Lord for the years ahead, and that we would be wise, courageous and faithful as we seek to establish this school for the sake of Christ and his kingdom. I could say plenty more, and when we see many of you during our approaching visit I surely will, but there are other things to say and an approaching word limit.

The work of the youth group carries on as it has been. We’ve recently finished a short series on prayer in which we aimed to show the young people the great gift that Christians have in approaching the throne of God and having his ear – something only possible for us by the blood of Christ which makes us fit to be present before him. Pray that these things would shape their understanding of the riches there are in Christ, and that the things we are teaching them would so shape their imaginations and affections that nothing the god-hating world tells them is valuable appears even remotely so.

As last year, we have our summer youth camp coming up. We’ve struggled to find suitable leaders in the numbers we need; please pray in particular that we will have all the leaders that we need. Pray also that the Bible teaching would be thoroughly true and richly applied, the last thing we want to run is an expensive puff-of-wind that does no one any good for a week.

In family news I am pleased to report that both Aurelia and Phinehas are doing well. Phinehas is growing quickly. In fact, a little too quickly! We hadn’t counted on him outgrowing so many things by this point. We had the joy of his baptism (see photo at the top of the page) last Sunday – may he grow up into this inheritance of faith and be richly blessed in Christ the Lord, giver of all covenant promises. Aurelia complains of being cold when there is a mildly fresh breeze in June, so it is safe to say she has adapted to the climate. The poor girl might get a shock when we visit the UK. Margarita continues to be an excellent woman, and an indispensable part of life and ministry.

We will be back in the UK for a little under two months over the summer, so we are looking forward to catching up with many of you; hearing your news as well as giving you a fuller update in person. One peculiarly particular prayer request regarding our summer trip: Please pray that our car seats will make it from Cyprus to the UK at the same time as us. BA have failed us before in this way, and if they fail again, it’ll create significant difficulty for our onward journey.

As always we are deeply thankful for your faithfulness in supporting us, your partnership and prayer is really encouraging.

See many of you soon,

David and Margarita


Please pray for...

  • Barnabas Bible School
    • For students to apply
    • For every fund, resource, and help we’ll need for the years ahead
    • For wisdom, courage, and faithfulness as we establish this school
  • Youth camp: for leaders and thoroughly true and deeply applied teaching
  • UK travels: for the safe travel of car seats


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