Dear family and friends,

Thank you all so much for your prayer and support over the last four months since our move to Cyprus. It’s very encouraging to know that we are remembered and that so many of you are praying for us.

Easter in Cyprus is a big deal. On the night before Easter Sunday, after a week of traditions (not all of them entirely empty), many people gather at their local Orthodox church for a midnight service. As midnight arrives, the priest declares that Christ is risen, all the bells of the church ring, fireworks go off and bonfires are lit. This happens at Greek Orthodox churches all over the island. For someone who knows what it means that ‘Christ has risen’, it is a moving experience. The great tragedy is that most of those who take part have no idea what it means. 

David visited a large church this Easter with a friend who has spoken Greek for 70 years, knows a lot of ancient and Biblical Greek, is deeply interested in the Bible – and yet couldn’t understand what the priest was saying. If that was the case for him, how much hope does the average Cypriot have of hearing and responding? Cyprus needs churches that love God’s word, stand firm in declaring all of it clearly and display the fruit of living in obedience to Christ’s words – that’s what we pray for and work towards here in Cyprus. Here are a few updates for prayer:

Language learning

It turns out that learning a language is really difficult. The more you learn, the larger the language seems to become. We are very thankful, however, that David is making good progress and working towards preaching for the first time in Greek on 14 August, which will mark a major milestone. David also recently began teaching Sunday school – also in Greek – which is a linguistic workout and very humbling. The children looked aghast when he told them he was going to read the Bible for two days, rather than from two parts! Please continue to pray that the Lord would bless his learning. 

Youth group

The inter-church youth group usually runs a summer camp each year, and thankfully this will be the first time it will been able to run for three years. Pray that the Lord would use it to nourish the faith of the Christian kids there and to bring unbelievers on the periphery to real faith, saving them from sin and for eternal life.

Please also pray for a small group of boys that come regularly to the youth group, that our teaching would help root and establish them in the faith as they are at various stages of Christian maturity. Some of them are part of the same friendship group at school, so please pray this would be a great encouragement to them to stand faithfully and make Christ known to their other friends.

Greek Evangelical Church (GEC) Larnaca

Due to a quirk in the church’s history, GEC owns a large plot of land in the centre of the city. The elders have started to look at options of what to do with the land. Pray for wisdom for them, that their mindset would be thoroughly Biblical. Pray that immediate needs (church buildings in disrepair) don’t crowd out wisdom for the long-term. Pray that any decisions that are made wouldn’t divide the congregation unnecessarily. Several anti-Christian trends are less advanced here in Cyprus than they are in the UK, but they are starting to arrive. Pray that the church’s Biblical immune system will be ready – that we would be preparing now to think as Christians about all areas of life.

Family and home

Give thanks that Aurelia is settling in well and is making friends. Though she is still young, we will have to start thinking about her school situation soon. Unfortunately we don’t have the options here that we’d like, so pray for wisdom as we plan to make the best of what we do have open to us. Margarita continues to work hard to make a home that is hospitable and fruitful. She is a great help to my ministry as it works its way out from family, to our church and the community around us. Continue to pray for her as she manages the household, shows hospitality, speaks about the Bible to others, builds Christian community and helps me in a hundred other ways. She’s an excellent wife and truly worth more than rubies (Proverbs 31:10).

Thank you again for all your prayer and support,

David and Margarita


Give thanks for...

  • Good progress with Greek learning
  • Aurelia settling in well
  • The youth group summer camp happening this year

Please pray for...

  • The youth group and summer camp would establish Christian young people in their faith, equipping them to live distinctively, persevere and win others to Christ.
  • The elders of GEC will have all the wisdom they need to make the decisions regarding the use and maintenance of church land and buildings.
  • David’s Greek would continue to improve quickly.
  • The church in Cyprus would think in a joined-up Christian way about issues that are on the horizon.


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