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Matt and Sarah Gurtler

Matt and Sarah serve at Logos Church, a Russian-speaking, evangelical church in Chişinău, Moldova that seeks to glorify Christ by fulfilling the Great Commission.

While Moldova is officially a Christian country, most people are only nominally Christian. Their faith is based almost entirely on tradition, with little to no understanding of grace. There is a great need for disciples of Christ who know and understand the gospel to reach out to the local population. Matt and Sarah are seeking to help the church members grow in their faith and Bible knowledge and reach out to those in the city who don’t know Jesus. They are involved in music ministry and student ministry. Matt preaches and runs bible studies, while Sarah is involved in women’s work and runs a student bible study.




Evangelical Christians:


Main religion:

Orthodox Christianity

Main Languages:

Romanian, Russian

Recent Prayer Letters

We have been overwhelmed by the support, warmth and friendship we have received over the last few months as we have visited our partner churches, exchanged emails and met up in person with many of you. We feel so blessed to have such wonderful friends, brothers and sisters in Christ! Praise God for answering many of our prayers over the past few months, before we fly out later this month.
Firstly, we’re really grateful to you all for partnering with us as we head to Moldova. We’re hugely blessed to have so many people keen to pray for us and our work in Chişinău. We’d love you to join us in prayer for our preparation and planning in the lead-up to January.

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