‘I thank my God every time I remember you. In all my prayers for all of you, I always pray with joy because of your partnership in the gospel from the first day until now.’ Philippians 1:3–4

Dear Prayer Partners,

We have been overwhelmed by the support, warmth and friendship we have received over the last few months as we have visited our partner churches, exchanged emails and met up in person with many of you. We feel so blessed to have such wonderful friends, brothers and sisters in Christ! Praise God for answering many of our prayers over the past few months, before we fly out later this month.


We greatly enjoyed visiting our partner churches – praise God for the numerous supporters he’s given us. It was a delight to meet with Christians in various parts of the country and to share about what we’ll be doing in Moldova at five different churches. We’re hoping to visit Huntingdon, Hove, Cumbria, Cambridge and Norwich when we’re back in the UK in August – we’ll make plans about dates nearer the time, but it would be wonderful to see you!

We’ve also been really encouraged by people’s financial generosity, so much so that we’ve reached our initial fundraising target. Praise God for providing for us in this way.


Various practicalities have been sorted out in the last month. Graeme and Bequi Innes (Crosslinks mission partners in Moldova for the past six years) have been helping us massively with these.

Firstly, we now have a flat in Moldova! It’s in a great location near the centre of Chişinău, within walking distance of church and the offices of CSC (Comunitatea Studneţilor Creştini – ‘Community of Christian Students’, a branch of IFES). We’re really grateful that we’ve been able to afford this apartment, which has a good amount of space for hosting. Praise God for his provision, and for the work that Graeme and Bequi have put into looking for places, and the advice they’ve given us. Please pray that we’d be generous with the apartment and use it to bless others.

We have also sent a lot of our possessions over to Moldova, such as books and kitchen items. After a few confused phone conversations in Russian, a Moldovan man named Ivan came to our house in a minibus and we loaded all our boxes into it, paid him, and off he went! This is a common service used by Moldovans to get things to and from the UK. As strange as it sounds, our boxes arrived safely in Moldova within a few days! Thank God for helping us with all the sorting and packing and ensuring that everything arrived!

The first month

We’ll now be writing prayer letters each month, but the next few will come from us directly, rather than from Crosslinks. Do check your emails mid-February, in case something has gone into junk mail. Here are some things you can be praying for now.

After some time with family over Christmas and New Year, we’re flying to Chişinău on Thursday 11 January. We’re expecting it’ll be hard to say goodbye, so please pray for good farewells and for a safe flight.

While many details of our day-to-day ministry are still to be decided, a few things have been clarified over the last few months. Matt will be preaching once every four weeks at first, starting in January, as the church studies 2 Timothy together. Please pray for his preparation and his language as he preaches in Russian. Please also pray that God would speak to the congregation, by his Spirit, through his Word in 2 Timothy.

Thank you for your prayers for our language learning. Sarah has been able to spend a good amount of time studying Russian, but it is still very hard. Please pray that her confidence and ability will increase rapidly, and that she’ll be able to communicate and understand others.

Finally, please pray that God will be at work in the wider church in Moldova. We’re encouraged to hear of faithful, gospel-centred ministry happening in Chişinău and throughout the country, so please pray that God would strengthen churches, pastors and organisations, and that we’ll be able to support the church well.

Thank you for your prayers. We love to pray for those who are praying for us, so it’d be great if you could send us a quick email (matt.sarah0409@gmail.com) or message to let us know what to pray for.

Love in Christ,

Matt & Sarah


Give thanks for...

  • Partner churches and individuals
  • Provision of financial support
  • Practical arrangements (apartment, flight, luggage)


Please pray for...

  • Safe travel
  • Good goodbyes
  • Settling into good working patterns
  • God to build up the Church in Moldova
  • Language learning


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