Is there any good news?

Each day mission partners are telling us how God is using lockdown for the good of his people. Here are just a few:

Nick and Harriet in The Gambia (currently in the UK) share, ‘Harriet had an opportunity to talk about the hope that we have when saying goodbye to our two cattle farming neighbours. They listened carefully and engaged in discussion for two hours and kept saying ‘tell us more about Jesus’! Their positive responses and declarations that Jesus is greater than Mohammed are unlike any we’ve come across here. Also - in the wake of churches closing, a number of our bible college students have led small services in the compounds they live on. One student said his family responded, “So this is how you can preach now!” His reply was, “It’s not me! I am just showing you what the Bible says, the power is from the Bible.” What an encouragement that these students are wanting to share the word at this time and doing so with such humility.’

Julian and Nicky in Spain write, ‘Our mid-week groups have continued to function with more people attending and the exciting creation of an additional group! We've been in much more contact with many of our church family than we would usually. It really feels as if our relationships are growing stronger more quickly. We have also been able to join together with some of our partner churches in the UK, which has been a great blessing for us. It is good to feel part of a larger community of God’s people and especially those who have a direct link to our ministry here in Valencia.’

Our gap year team in The Gambia (now returned to the UK) say, ‘All the time together could have led to frustrations and bitterness but we praise God that he helped us to get along well and have a lot of laughs. Each of us grew in our trust during this uncertain time. Many of us noted how we now trust God's sovereignty in working out good in a way that we only knew in our heads before.’

Chris and Lizzie in Italy write, ‘This term, the Christian Union group at the university in Verona had planned to run a film event. This fell by the wayside but, in its place, they organised an online discussion with the film’s director who is a Christian. It’s good to be able to work with young people who are enthusiastic in making the best of a difficult situation. Also, the opening of a field hospital in the Lombardy region by Christian charity Samaritan's Purse attracted a good amount of media coverage which openly and positively discussed the evangelical Christian basis of the organisation. Pray that many in Italy will come to a saving faith through Christian witness during this pandemic.’

Chris and Lotta in Sweden say, ‘We were planning to start a bible study group in our new home in April but then coronavirus changed our plans. However, as we have had to move it online, it has given people who are living outside Åkersberga the opportunity to join in a midweek bible study too.’

James and Lou in Belgium write, ‘For months we had been planning our first ever student mission week. All was set to begin and then on the first morning we were told that two students had contracted coronavirus and all student gatherings were banned. However, through it, God has been teaching us about our lack of control and our need to depend on him and trust his wisdom. Although the mission week did not take place, God was graciously encouraging and equipping us and the students by his word. It was the first time we’d seen the Christian students come together with such a common goal and drive. They had never been more fervent in prayer to see Christ proclaimed and see their lost friends saved.’

Join us in prayer for our mission partners.

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