Julian and Nicky Milson

It is estimated that just 1% of the population of Spain are evangelical Christians. Although 75% of Spaniards identify as Roman Catholic, this may reflect a sense of cultural identity rather than personal faith.

Julian and Nicky Milson are passionate about sharing the good news of Jesus with Spanish people and training up disciples who can advance the gospel for generations to come. They live and work in Valencia (Spain’s third largest city) where Julian is seconded to the IERE (Spanish Reformed Episcopal Church).

Julian is part of the ministry team at Iglesia de Jesucristo in Valencia and after a period of language learning and cultural acclimatisation will take on more responsibilities in the leadership of the church.

Nicky’s primary ministry is to support Julian and look after their children, Jemima and Theo. As Nicky becomes more fluent in Spanish she will serve the church family wherever her gifts can be used.



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