Join us in bringing before the Lord some of the issues facing those beyond our shores. We update this page regularly with the very latest news, encouragements and points for prayer from our partners.

  • Pray for Andrew and Eunice Moody as they travel from Uganda to the UK on 20 January. Pray also for schoolchildren in Uganda, who went back to school on 10 January after nearly two years of school closures. Many teachers have not been paid since March 2020, lots of school buildings have been sold and many children have not returned since the reopening. Pray for these children and their teachers.  
  • Pray for Thorsten and Kerstin Prill in Edinburgh as they move house on 29 January. Pray that they will have the energy and stamina to maintain all their ministry activities: teaching at Edinburgh Bible College, preaching, one-to-ones, house visits, bible studies and counselling. Pray that the Holy Spirit will produce fruit in their lives and those they meet with.
  • Pray for Alexis Pérez as he runs the Crosslinks project Prédica Fiel in Cuba. They are planning to return to in-person pastor-training workshops this month. Pray that these can go ahead and that they will enable many people across Cuba to hear faithful bible teaching in their local churches. Pray for the nation of Cuba as they face political, social and economic crises. Pray also for Alexis’ church as they are struggling to get official permission to meet in-person as a church again. 
  • Pray for Wanyeki and Mary Mahiaini as they begin their last year serving as mission partners in Kenya before retiring at the end of 2022. They lead a pastor training centre near Nairobi. Pray for those who are taking over this work. Pray that amid all the uncertainties surrounding the future of the training centre, Wanyeki and Mary will remain confident that the Lord is in control. 

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