Our mission partners and projects value your prayer support. Here is their latest news. 

  • Pray for Gerald and Louise Mwangi in Kenya who are running a bible camp for teenagers between 10 and 15 December. The aim of the camp is to build the young people up with faithful bible teaching, build relationships and introduce attendees to the TransformD gap year programme that they run. Pray for a fruitful time around God’s word and that many might sign-up to be part of the programme.
  • Pray for Thorsten Prill who is having an operation on his ear on 14 December. Pray that the operation goes well and prevents further pain and hearing difficulties. Pray that Thorsten will know the Lord’s strength during and after the surgery. Thorsten is a lecturer at Edinburgh Bible College. 
  • Pray for Paul Hunter who is finishing his time in Tanzania and returning to the UK on 26 December. Pray that the lay leader training course that Paul established will be able to continue after he leaves, either by local leaders or CMS Australia missionaries who are there. Pray for the Lord to sustain Bishop Mathayo, who Paul worked alongside, for his huge ministry in the Diocese. Pray for Paul as he takes up a post in the Diocese of Blackburn early in 2019.
  • Pray for Joe and Rachel Clarke who work with university students in Portugal. Pray for Joe as he gives a talk followed by dinner to the Coimbra Christian Union on 12 December and Aveiro Christian Union on 13 December. Pray for gospel conversations at the drinks party Joe and Rachel are holding for their neighbours on 15 December. Pray too for a great time of fellowship at the Christmas dinner Joe and Rachel are cooking for students who will not be going home for Christmas, on 24 December.
  • Pray for Onesmus Pesa who is the youth and children’s worker in Marsabit Diocese, Kenya. From 17 – 21 December Onesmus is running ‘iMarika’, a youth conference for young people across the diocese. Pray for many young people to attend, despite the new location being more remote than in previous years. Pray that the conference will result in transformation in the lives of the delegates. 
  • Pray for Luke and Mary Foster who serve at the Centre for Pastoral Studies (CEP) in Santiago, Chile. Pray for the CEP graduation ceremony on 15 December to be an encouragement to all the students, their family and friends who attend. Pray for the students who are moving on to help lead churches next year.
  • Pray for the Crossword Youth Camp taking place in South Africa 14 – 16 December. Short-term volunteer Adam Tomalin is involved with youth ministry at Hope Church in Johannesburg and is hoping to attend the conference with a good number of the young people from his youth group. Pray that lots of the youth would sign-up in time and that they would all have a fun, safe and encouraging time away. 
  • Pray for Julian and Nicky Milson in Valencia, Spain. Pray for Julian as he takes on a more active role in leading the Anglican church there. Pray for him as he leads and speaks at Sunday services and for the bible study group that meets in their home - that those who attend will mature in their faith. Pray too for the whole family as they spend their first Christmas in Spain.
  • Please pray for Christmas services at the Protestant Evangelical Church of Woluwe in Brussels, Belgium, where Steve and Dawn Orange serve. Pray especially for the evangelistic service on 23 December.
  • Pray for the international student Christmas party that Graeme and Bequi Innes are organising in Moldova on 15 December. Graeme will explain why Christmas is so important to Christians. Please pray for meaningful conversations off the back of this. Pray also for a women’s Christmas craft party at their church on 22 December. 
  • Janet in Thailand asks for prayers for the students she teaches English to to come to the Christmas party at The Centre on 12 December. Pray that many will come and that they’d respond in repentance and faith to the short gospel talk. Pray for Janet as she shares the Christmas story with her students in classes, using her advent calendar, and for other opportunities to share about Jesus. 
  • Pray for study partner Irene Apio and mission partner Rachael Holyome as they are involved in a children’s bible camp for 250 kids from 10 to 16 December. Pray especially for Irene as she has been suffering from insomnia for the past four weeks. Pray for her full recovery so she can be part of the work at the camp. Pray for the kids at the camp to be excited about being followers of Jesus.
  • Pray for Nick and Harriet Algeo in the Gambia as they look for opportunities to share the gospel this Christmas. They plan to show ‘The Nativity’ film on their street. Pray for the practicalities and that people would listen to a short talk on the meaning of Christmas. Pray that majority faith friends would accept invitations to church for Christmas celebrations. Pray too for a mini carol service they are hosting for expats.
  • Pray for Trevor and Andrea Watson and their Christmas bring-and-share dinner on 16 December in Gothenburg, Sweden. There will be a talk about the good news of Christmas for the adults and a simultaneous Christmas programme for the children. Pray for warm hospitality and gospel clarity with all ages. On 15 December a group from the church will sing carols in the city centre and market. Please pray for effective and attractive engagement with the people they meet.  
  • Pray for the orientation conference for 15 young people going on Crosslinks gap year trips in 2019. The conference takes place 11 – 14 December at Otford Manor. Pray for Daisy Bartholomew and she leads it and for speakers Ed Drew, Rachel Walker and Jamie Read. Pray that it will prepare the young people well for sharing the gospel overseas and be a great time of fellowship between team members.

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