Coronavirus is a global affair - can you join us in bringing before the Lord some of the issues facing those beyond our shores? We update this page daily with the very latest news, encouragements and points for prayer from our partners across the world.

  • Chris and Lotta Strajnic in Sweden praise God that online services at Emmaus Church are going very well and reaching far and wide. The Strajnics are very encouraged that friends, neighbours, work colleagues and family are attending and they have seen a lovely increase in numbers. People who live quite a distance from the church and could previously only attend infrequently can now can now join in regularly. Pray that the midweek bible study group will grow in number too. Pray on for their plans to launch a radio broadcast ministry from their home. Pray that they can overcome technical issues and that many people will tune in and be encouraged. 
  • Andy and Zsófi Oatridge and family are grateful for the extra time together that lockdown has allowed. Give thanks that most restrictions have now been lifted: shops have reopened and churches are able to recommence. It is still unclear whether the ACORNCAMPS summer camps will be able to go ahead this year: pray for the Lord’s overruling in this. Crosslinks short-term volunteer Szilárd Tam is hoping to join Andy and Zsófi in ministry from September. He is Hungarian but currently working as a ministry trainee at a large church in London. Pray that he can raise the required funds and that the current pandemic will not get in the way of these plans or the work Szilárd will do.
  • Pray for Wanyeki and Mary Mahiaini as they mourn the sudden death of Wanyeki’s brother Jimi from a heart attack. Give thanks that Wanyeki was able to get special permission from the authorities to travel to the funeral during lockdown. On the day of Jimi’s funeral, Wanyeki’s father was rushed to hospital with symptoms of heart failure. After five days in hospital he is now back home recuperating. Pray for Wanyeki and Mary as they are still reeling from all that has happened. Thank God for the support of church and friends during this painful time. Pray for wisdom for Wanyeki and Mary as they think about future plans and timetables for St Julian’s Anglican Training Centre.
  • Following the death of Thorsten’s mother, Thorsten and Kerstin Prill have felt very upheld by the Lord. After the funeral, they stayed in Germany to try and arrange care for Thorsten’s father, but he has been unwilling to accept help and wants Thorsten and Kerstin to become his carers. The Prills have now returned to Scotland with heavy hearts. Pray for Thorsten’s father’s salvation and a change of heart so that he would accept a care package. Pray that Thorsten and Kerstin will find peace from the Lord. Pray for Kerstin and Thorsten as they take on additional responsibilities at their church while their pastor is on holiday for two weeks (leading daily devotionals and preaching for the Sunday service). They can find online ministry a bit challenging so pray that there are no technological problems and that the church family are edified by what they do.
  • Jaki North in Cape Town, South Africa, is back at work following the relaxing of lockdown. The government have taken the hard decision to open up the economy as people are desperate for food, though COVID-19 cases are still rising and a peak is expected between July and September. Jaki and the team at Trinity Children’s Centre are using this time to plan and prepare before the children return to the school. Pray for wise decision making at a national and local level. Pray too for Jaki as she reads the Bible with CJ – pray that God would open CJ’s eyes. Pray for an opportunity for Jaki to share the gospel with A in her apartment block.

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