Our mission partners and projects value your prayer support. Here are some of their latest prayer needs:

  • Pray for Jirka and Keira Kralovi who work with students in the Czech Republic. They are planning a student weekend away for 20-22 March at a centre 40 minutes north of where they live in Olomouc. Jirka is preparing five teaching sessions on the life of Hezekiah. Pray that students sign-up to come and that they will be encouraged by being together and studying Hezekiah’s faith. Pray for Keira as she co-ordinated the catering for the weekend. Pray too for Jirka as he teaches at the Czech Bible Institute this term on the gospel of Mark. Pray for the Lord’s help as he prepares and that these lectures will be used to equip Czech bible teachers for a lifetime of faithful service.
  • Pray for Steve and Dawn Orange in Belgium where Steve leads Woluwe Protestant Evangelical Church. Pray for their long-standing search for a bigger building. They’d like to fit in more people but are unwilling to split into multiple congregations because it would restrict their options for discipleship before and after services. The only suitable building that is available is out of their price range. Pray for God’s provision and for wisdom for those involved in decision making. Pray for the church as it runs two sessions on complementarianism this month. Pray that they would be useful and encourage church members to understand and resource men and women’s ministries in biblically appropriate ways. Pray for Dawn as she gives a seminar on hospitality at the annual Belgian Women’s Convention ‘Chrétiennes Consacrées’ on Saturday 21 March. Pray that Dawn’s teaching would be faithful to God’s word and help attendees to serve other Christians in a Christ-like way. Pray too for a youth weekend away 13-15 March which Robbie Bellis (mission partner and church planter in Louvain-la-Neuve) is speaking at.
  • Pray for Sena and Jane Ounate-Lare in Caen, France. They lead Eglise Le Bon Berger and are running an evangelistic course on Christianity at the end of March. Pray that many will attend and that God would open blind eyes. Sena is also involved in teaching and coaching four church planting teams from across the country. This month is their last meeting together after two years of training. Pray for a good final session and that the Lord will continue to equip the churches with all they need to know Jesus and make him known. Pray for Sena as he recruits teams to be trained over the coming two years.
  • Peter and Ineke Cook, who serve at St Andrew’s Cathedral in Singapore, are finishing their time in East Asia this month. Before serving for five years in Singapore, Peter was vicar at Christ Church Bangkok for eight years, so this is the end of a significant chapter for them. Pray for Peter as he wraps up ministry things alongside preparing to move back to the UK. This month he is teaching the book of Ezekiel for the Diocesan Certificate of Biblical Studies and preaching at several Sunday services. Pray for physical, spiritual and emotional energy during this time. Pray that Peter and Ineke would have a good rest from April to July as they visit family in Australia and the UK. Pray that they will be able to find a new home and transition back to UK culture easily. Pray that they remain confident that the Lord will open a door for future ministry and pray that the Lord will provide this.
  • Pray for the Gospel Coalition Italia conference from 27-29 March, which Rob and Claire Law (Naples) will be going to and Mark Oden (Naples) and JP Aranzulla (Bologna) are speaking at it. Short-termers Jonny and Ruth Pullar (Bologna) also hope to attend. Pray for the Lord’s favour so that the event can go ahead despite the coronavirus outbreak. Pray in particular that JP and Sue Aranzulla will be able to leave Bologna (northern Italy) to attend and serve at the event. Pray that the conference is a great celebration of unity with brothers and sisters from across the country. The theme is ‘Humility’. Pray for long-lasting gospel impact – that many people will be equipped to share the gospel.
  • Pray for Rachel Goodhart who has just finished her two-month placement in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Rachel has enjoyed teaching English and befriending students at The Centre. Pray that her students will keep going to the Centre and hear the gospel even after she leaves. Rachel is taking a career break and her original plan, after finishing at The Centre, was to go to Cambodia to visit some missionary friends and then onto Japan for a holiday. Due to the coronavirus outbreak, Rachel is unsure what to do - pray for wisdom and clarity as she tries to make decisions and alter her travel arrangements as necessary.
  • Pray for Luke and Mary Foster and children Barney and Martha who arrived back in Santiago, Chile on 6 March after three months of home leave in the UK. Pray that they will all adapt back to Chilean culture easily. Pray for Luke as he hits the ground running with his teaching at the Anglican bible college. Pray for a really good start to the new term and for God to be growing the students into Christ-like servant leaders.
  • Pray for Rachael Holyome who serves in Uganda with youth and children’s ministries. She is currently planning her wedding to Bernie. Pray for Rachael as she is getting tired easily. Pray that Rachael and Bernie would learn to trust God with all their situations and would develop a better work/life balance. Rachael is currently renewing her work permit – pray that she gathers all the documents she needs so that the work permit can be with her by 17 March.
  • Alun and Debbie Burt in South Africa are running a children’s holiday club with their church (St Thomas' Church, Heideveld) from 23-27 March. Ask God for the children to believe the gospel and for parents and others to sign up to the Christianity Explored course that will run in the weeks that follow. Pray that the trainee leaders will grow in their ability to serve.

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