Our mission partners and projects value your prayer support. Here is their latest news. 

  • Pray for Neil Watkinson as he carries out preacher training conferences this month: in Cambodia 11-15 February and in Nepal 19-22 February (with a short trip to Singapore in between). Pray for good translation and for logistics to run smoothly. Pray that these training workshops would equip the national Church in each nation for reaching out to their own people and discipling believers. 
  • Pray for John and Gillian Robinson and the Place of Grace in Bangkok, Thailand. Bangkok has terrible pollution at the moment, with many schools having closed due to the poor air quality. Many of the slum children the Robinsons work with have no cover over the holes in their windows and doors in their homes and so have no protection from the pollution. The afterschool clubs the Robinsons run have been going ahead as usual but the children have to remain inside, which can be quite chaotic. Pray for the pollution to pass and for the Robinsons to act wisely at this time, for the benefit of all the children they work with.
  • Pray for short-term volunteers Rachel Frankwick and Jack Willats who arrived in Brussels, Belgium at the beginning of February. They are serving as church apprentices at Woluwe Church as part of their university year abroad placements. They are involved with student groups, Sunday school, youth group, one-to-one bible studies, and study one day a week at the Belgian Bible Institute – all in French! Robin Atkinson moved from Brussels to Jena, Germany on 1 February, to spend the second half of her year abroad placement serving the church Evangeliumsgemeinde Jena. Robyn is involved with the church's student work as well as midweek bible study groups and children’s work. Pray that Rachel, Jack and Robyn would all settle in quickly, make progress in learning the language, and be a great help to the churches they are at.
  • Pray for new mission partners Rob and Claire Law who are raising funds and prayer partners ahead of moving to Naples, Italy in September 2019. They will be serving in Chiesa Evangelica Neapolis, a church planted by mission partners Mark and Jane Oden in 2016. Three years ago Rob and Claire asked Crosslinks mission partners in Italy, ‘What’s the need in Italy in terms of gospel work?’ The consistent answer was: faithful church members, modelling every member ministry in building up the church and reaching out with the gospel. Because of this, Rob will work as an English language teacher full-time and they will engage with front-line evangelism and discipleship as church members. Pray that as they communicate this to people in the coming weeks, many would catch the vision. Pray for Rob as he continues to learn Italian and pray that they’d raise £30,000 to cover their set-up costs.
  • Pray for Andy and Zsófi Oatridge in Hungary, working with Acorn Camps. From 5 to 17 February they are running a training weekend in east Hungary for 40+ local youth leaders in how to teach the Bible. Pray for people to be excited about teaching the Bible and for long-term fruit in the lives of the young people in their churches.
  • Pray for Rachael Holyome in Uganda as she begins working with Faith Bible Church, alongside her existing duties at several other local churches, schools and Christian organisations. Rachael hopes to start discipling some of the ladies at Faith Bible Church, with the first women’s meeting taking place on 17 February. Pray for a good start to these meetings and for growing maturity in the women as a result. Pray for a deepening relationship for Rachael with Faith Bible Church. Pray that as Rachael opens up God’s word in various context, the Spirit would be transforming minds and hearts to love Jesus more.  
  • Pray for Jem Hovil who supports the BUILD training initiative across Africa. BUILD helps to equip the many local church leaders who have no access to traditional training. BUILD teaches in grassroots settings, using local pastors as the trainers. The curriculum is biblical, theological, practical and developed in the local context. Jem is in Kenya for a BUILD graduation that he is speaking at. Pray for the graduation and for his various meetings with BUILD leaders and groups.
  • Pray for Harriet Algeo in The Gambia as she reads the Bible with four secondary school girls. A former student at Servants of the Word bible school - Daniel – has been boldly sharing the gospel at the school where he teaches. Four girls from the majority faith expressed an interest in studying the Bible and Daniel pointed them to Harriet. They are currently reading Mark’s Gospel and Harriet is hugely encouraged by the hunger three have for the gospel - they repeatedly say that they want to follow Jesus and that they want to tell other people about God. Pray for wisdom for Harriet as it is unclear how much their families know about this and there is likely to be a cost for them if they continue to follow Jesus. Pray for new life in Christ for all four girls.

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