Join us in bringing before the Lord some of the issues facing those beyond our shores. We update this page regularly with the very latest news, encouragements and points for prayer from our partners.

  • John and Gillian Robinson in Bangkok, Thailand are thankful to God for new buildings to move the Place of Grace and learning centre to. Before they move, they have to clean, paint and fix both buildings. Pray for them as they do this alongside running both ministries and prepare for home leave at the beginning of May. Pray for Daphne and Phil who are flying to Thailand to cover the teaching at the learning centre whilst they are away. Pray that the Lord will provide more volunteers to help in the learning centre in the future. 
  • Anna Poór in Hungary is teaching youth leaders from Mark's gospel on Tuesdays throughout April, as part of the Acorn Camps bible training course (‘Acorn Bibliai Képzés’, ABK). Pray that the course will help youth leaders grow in their confidence and ability to teach the Bible to young people. Pray for perseverance for Anna as she gives talks that present God faithfully, relevantly and clearly from Scripture. Pray that God will lead the right people to apply to take part in the course in next academic year. 
  • Pray for Jirka and Keira Kralovi as they are involved with a new church plant in Olomouc, Czech Republic. Pray for Jirka as he prepares sermons for the church in 1 John. Give thanks for the four non-Christians Jirka is meeting with and pray that they will be saved. Pray too for the 39 people in Jirka’s Discipleship Explored group. Give thanks that they are interested and pray for their salvation. In the student bible study group, there have been some interesting discussions on how to handle postmodernist critiques of the Bible. Pray for Jirka as he teaches the students how to present and defend the gospel. 
  • Pray for Julian and Nicky Milson in Spain as they wait to find out if their children Jemima and Theo have been granted residency status. Without residency they have no healthcare cover and are unable to visit the UK. Pray that plans to visit their families in the UK later this year will be able to go ahead. Mid-week bible study groups and church services have been poorly attended so far this term, probably because of Zoom fatigue, lack of resources for data and a general lack of enthusiasm. Pray for renewed enthusiasm for the Lord for the whole church family.
  • Pray for Ken Irungu, youth worker at GracePoint Church in Kikuyu, Kenya. In mid-April, Ken is helping to lead a children’s holiday club. Pray that it will reach many in the local community. 
  • Pray for Rachael Muluuta as she prepares to teach at a ladies’ conference in April. Pray that the sessions will help build up the women in the gospel. 
  • In Moldova, people celebrate Easter on 2 May and the month of April is spent fasting (eating no meat or dairy at all). Many Eastern Orthodox Christians hope that this will earn them God's favour. Pray that Graeme and Bequi Innes will have opportunities this month to discuss with people about how Jesus’ death offers us grace.

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