Every year, we run or help organise summer camps for children and young people. These take place in Ireland, France, and Belgium.

The aim of our camps is to make disciples of Jesus Christ, passing God’s truths down the generations. By proclaiming and teaching God’s word, we also help children to develop a vision for mission to others. Campers take part in lots of fun activities, as well as learning more about Jesus. Whether you come as a camper, leader or helper, we guarantee you will have a great time.

Ireland camps

In Ireland, our camps have been running for more than 50 years. Junior Camp is for children (8-11 years old) and Senior Camp caters for young people (12-17 years old). Camps take place in July or August and each lasts for one week. To find out more about our Ireland camps, get in touch.

“I’ve been going to Crosslinks junior camp since I was eight. I’ve made new friends and we learn loads about God and do lots of fun activities. I can’t wait to go to senior camp this year!”
Rachel, Crosslinks camper

“[Camp] was really challenging and really helped me to grow in my faith, and deepen my love for Christ.”
Matthew, Crosslinks camper

“This was my last year of sending a child to camp.  I am so thankful for Crosslinks and for what my kids have gained from camp.  It has enriched their spiritual lives immensely and I am blessed that they are following Jesus and serving Him where he has placed them.” 

What other ways can I help Ireland camps?

Partnering with camps in prayer and giving. We are seeking 50 gospel partners who will commit to support this ministry by praying and giving. Just £10 per month will enable Crosslinks to maintain and even grow this vital ministry. You can do so below or by contacting us for more information.

Camp promotion. Perhaps you could promote camp in your church amongst children, young people, parents and potential leaders. Contact us for more information.

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France and Belgium

We support InterAction Camps, who run bilingual Christian activity holidays in association with La Ligue pour la Lecture de la Bible (the Bible Reading League). InterAction camps (10-18 years) provide a wonderful opportunity for young people to practice their language skills and engage with another culture while receiving clear Bible teaching. All activities are bilingual, with translations. Make friends, have fun, and learn about Jesus!

Find out more and book your child’s place on a camp at www.interactioncamps.org.

Grow your leadership skills

If you are over 18 and are fluent in the French language, you can volunteer as a leader or cook on an InterAction camp. InterAction runs an “Animateurs En Formation” (Animef) scheme that offers young people valuable experience and contacts, sometimes as a first step to a year in Europe as part of a university course. Find out more at www.interactioncamps.org.

To help support InterAction financially, get in touch or donate below.

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Ways to get involved