BEST is Crosslinks bursary scheme that enables church leaders and gospel workers to train for bible-teaching ministry. Through BEST, we link study partners with churches and individuals in Britain and Ireland who can pray for them and support them financially.

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Crosslinks gives bursaries to those who are in places where churches have few or no trained leaders. For example, one region in Kenya is the size of England but has just 10 trained clergy. This sort of situation is very common and means that churches lack consistency in bible teaching, discipleship and evangelism. Many dioceses have few resources available to make a difference.

The Crosslinks bursary scheme helps to:

  • Fund local courses that are contextually and culturally relevant to mission.
  • Ensure promising candidates have the financial means to take courses.
  • Resource local churches by providing trained leaders and ministers.
  • Foster valuable links between study partners and supporting churches and individuals.

We have years of experience in training church leaders and workers. Through getting involved with BEST, British and Irish churches can play a real part in taking God’s word to God’s world.

Sow, grow, send - how you can get involved

As with all Crosslinks partnerships, we encourage you to get involved through prayer and giving. Our bursary scheme depends on the support of individuals, churches, house groups, Christian Unions and charitable funds. We can match you with a specific study partner and send you regular prayer news and updates about their studies, college life and family.

We also welcome one-off or regular direct donations to BEST, which boost our bursary fund. You can sign up to receive our quarterly prayer newsletter that gives news about BEST and the progress of our study partners.

If you would like to support BEST or a particular study partner get in touch.

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Who does BEST help?

Crosslinks bursaries are for current and potential church leaders who seek a first-level qualification (for example a certificate, diploma or degree) and for those who want to study to strengthen their ministry (such as a masters degree). We also give bursaries to people who will serve in bible colleges, training others to know and handle the Bible well.

What costs does a Crosslinks bursary cover?

A bursary usually covers academic costs, including tuition fees, exam fees and books. In some cases we contribute towards accommodation and living expenses but normally individuals raise funds for these themselves, with the help of their church or diocese.

Does the bursary last for the whole course?

All Crosslinks bursaries cover the duration of the course but are dependent on study partners completing each academic year successfully and providing news and reports to Crosslinks and their partners.

How do we choose who to give bursaries to?

We set two deadlines each year to receive applications. As the number of applications often exceeds the amount of funds available, it is important that we choose the right partners. We use well-defined criteria to consider all applications carefully.

Where does my support go?

We pay colleges directly on behalf of study partners, so when you make a payment we put this towards your study partner’s tuition and academic fees. To cover the scheme’s running costs, Crosslinks takes 10% of all donations.

‘BEST gave me the financial resources for theological training but it also provided a gospel friendship and partnership with a mission-minded, gospel-centred church that endures today.’ Former study partner

‘As a result of your great financial assistance, I have worked as a tutor, then as principal of Morogoro Bible College, and now as Diocesan Secretary of the Anglican Diocese of Morogoro.’ Former study partner

How can I apply for a BEST bursary?

We assess all applications using a rigorous set of criteria. Applicants must:

  • Be recommended by their diocese and a Crosslinks worker or contact.
  • Have a place to study on a relevant course at an evangelical theological college that we recognise.
  • Be ready to begin their course.
  • Be based in their own country or one that is nearby.
  • Be aged under 40.
  • Spend only a limited time separated from spouse and children (if they are married and have a family).
  • Have been involved in practical ministry for at least two years since their last study course.
  • Commit to and be capable of providing regular reports and prayer news updates.

If you think your application meets the criteria, get in touch.

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