BEST is Crosslinks bursary scheme that enables church leaders and gospel workers to train for bible-teaching ministry. Through BEST, we link study partners with churches and individuals in Britain and Ireland who can pray for them and support them financially.

Crosslinks gives bursaries to those who are in places where churches have few or no trained leaders. For example, one region in Kenya is the size of England but has just 10 trained clergy. This sort of situation is very common and means that churches lack consistency in bible teaching, discipleship and evangelism. Many dioceses have few resources available to make a difference.

The Crosslinks bursary scheme helps to:

  • Fund local courses that are contextually and culturally relevant to mission.
  • Ensure promising candidates have the financial means to take courses.
  • Resource local churches by providing trained leaders and ministers.
  • Foster valuable links between study partners and supporting churches and individuals.

We have years of experience in training church leaders and workers. Through getting involved with BEST, British and Irish churches can play a real part in taking God’s word to God’s world.

Latest news from BEST

Our BEST co-ordinator writes, 'Following the BEST Selection meeting in November, I am pleased to let you know that we were able to offer 12 bursaries to new study partners for 2023 onwards.' Read the whole letter here.

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