Do you ever feel that your church could do better when it comes to mission? Do you wish you could do some fresh thinking in order to make partnership in the gospel a dynamic reality? We’re here to help.

An important part of Crosslinks remit is to serve churches by helping them to engage in God’s mission. This is something that many churches sometimes struggle with, so Crosslinks has developed a ‘Mission Consultation’.

This is designed to help churches take a fresh look at mission. The heart of a mission consultation is an individually tailored, interactive teaching session lasting about two hours. It is suitable for the Church Council, Mission Committee, or even a wider group concerned about mission.

  • Firstly, we look at what the Bible teaches about mission to give us a shared starting point.
  • Secondly, we look at the Bible's model for how to engage in mission at home and further afield, with an interactive study of the best example available to us; the partnership between the apostle Paul and the Philippian church.
  • Thirdly there is a need to start thinking about the application of these principles to your own situation. 

Every local church is different the mission consultation is tailored to your own particular situation, offering carefully balanced content and appropriate follow-up resources.

To complement this, Crosslinks can also offer a ‘Stakeholder’ scheme, designed to help churches partner directly with Mission Partners and other means of mission worldwide. However, a Mission Consultation is not simply a ‘sales pitch’ for Crosslinks: it focuses on the great truth of God’s mission and your involvement.

Time and again, churches have reported how useful a Crosslinks Mission Consultation has been in providing fresh impetus to their approach to mission. 

Can Crosslinks help you?

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