Crosslinks exists to help all Christians get involved in God’s mission. For every mission partner and project serving through Crosslinks, there needs to be a team of partners praying and caring for them and supporting financially.

This is the way mission works: Christians working together to see the gospel go out. This is why Crosslinks doesn’t take generic gifts from churches and distribute it as we see fit – churches give to and pray for specific mission partners, so that they can be a part of that small piece of gospel work.

God has chosen to use our prayers as a means to grow his kingdom and your mission partner's work is unlikely to bear fruit without it. The same goes for financial support – your giving enables mission partners to focus on ministry full-time. It’s the picture we see in the Bible: when the Apostle Paul set out on his missionary journeys, the Philippian church financed him and prayed for fruit.

The Apostle John writes, ‘You will do well to send them on their journey in a manner worthy of God. For they have gone out for the sake of the name, accepting nothing from the Gentiles. Therefore we ought to support people like these, that we may be fellow workers for the truth.’ (3 John: 6-8)

Our challenge as churches is to ‘send’ out mission partners ‘in a manner worthy of God.’ The care and encouragement that mission partners receive from their sending church are God’s own method of caring for and encouraging them. We are ‘fellow workers’ with them, sharing in joys and struggles and rejoicing in seeing God’s glory made known. All Crosslinks mission partners communicate regularly with partner churches, to share news and points for prayer. They also visit each church when they are back in the country, at least once every three years. Some churches send a group to visit their mission partner too, to spend good time in fellowship and help with the work.

What next?

  1. Ready to start a church partnership with a Crosslinks mission partner or project? Get in touch.
  2. A Crosslinks mission consultation offers a fresh look at mission for churches. It is an individually tailored, interactive teaching session lasting about two hours, generally for the church council or mission committee. It’s not simply a ‘sales pitch’ for Crosslinks: it focuses on the great truth of God’s mission and your involvement. To find out more or to book in a mission consultation send us an email.
  3. Click here to find out about someone from Crosslinks coming to speak at your church.

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