Sanbonani nonke, this is a Zulu greeting which means hello everyone! For those of you who do not know, we have been working on becoming proficient in our Zulu language learning skills and visiting family in Kwa-Zulu Natal (KZN) was the perfect opportunity to brush up on some Zulu! We can confidently report back that we still have a long way to go until we are proficient, but we are making progress!

As we progress on through 2024, we are comforted by God’s peace as we look ahead toward an uncertain future. We are confident that we are in good hands because we are in God’s hands.

Soon after arriving back in Cape Town, after an encouraging festive season with family in KZN, Adam started preparing for the arrival of the new students as the SRC Chairperson. We are thrilled to say that there are over 40 new students at George Whitefield College and most of these students are from all over Africa. Adam has also been enjoying the new modules of this semester. The module on the person and work of Christ ranks as one of his favourites. Nomfundo has been enjoying her Narrative Counselling as Pastoral Care module this semester with the South African Theological Seminary.

In our last prayer update we also mentioned that we would be moving to a new church community. At the beginning of the year, we joined Christ Church in Khayelitsha. Khayelitsha is the largest township in Cape Town and most of the community speak isiXhosa. As a result, the services we attend are run in isiXhosa. This has been a great opportunity to expand our lingua-cultural learning and there have thankfully been some helpful connections to the Zulu language, as it’s in the same language group. Both of us help in the Sunday school ministry. Nomfundo will soon be helping to run a trauma healing course for some of the ladies from the church and community. Adam was also recently given the opportunity to preach. His sermon featured Zulu, isiXhosa, and English. It was a great opportunity to incorporate song, story and a variety of these languages in his sermon. 

Most of you are aware that Adam is now in his third year of training, and God willing he will complete the degree at the end of this year. We are so thankful for your support throughout this season of training and equipping. We have both been prayerfully considering what 2025 might hold for us, and we feel a strong call to serve in a rural/township community, preferably based in Kwa-Zulu Natal. Pursuing ministry opportunities in Kwa-Zulu Natal will empower us in our Zulu language learning endeavors, help us understand the culture and equip us to engage with culture, so that we can minister effectively in the context.

Whilst we were in Kwa-Zulu Natal we met with the minister of a church in a semi-rural community and he mentioned that the church needs more helping hands to serve the church community, but due to limited resources the church cannot afford to employ extra help. We have since been thinking and praying about serving here. We have discussed this with Crosslinks and have since started the application process to become mission partners (transitioning from study partners) with Crosslinks. Becoming mission partners would require establishing gospel partnerships – no small task – so we can serve the local community. In our next update, we hope to give more news but please pray with us as we wait and trust that if this is God’s will, a door will open to for us to serve. There are still things that need to be confirmed so more will be revealed soon as things progress and get finalised.

We will continue to keep you updated on our journey, and we are feeling extremely peaceful about the future. Our God is a great big God, who is the one building his church and providing for his kingdom work. We plan and we strive, but we do so with open hands on our knees as we remain humbly dependent on his provision, guidance, strength, and wisdom. May his will be done.

With much love from,

The Tomalins 


Please pray for...

  • Pray for Nomfundo’s family who are also struggling through some financial difficulties back home. Pray for God to provide and for them to know God’s peace in this troubling time.
  • Pray for ongoing wisdom and guidance as we seek to pursue longer term ministry in a context which will help us grow in the understanding and appreciation of the Zulu culture and language.
  • Pray for us to continue to settle in well and embrace the dynamics of church in a township context. Pray that we’d have a posture of humility and be able to manage our own expectations as we observe and learn more about how we can be involved in ministry in such a context.
  • Pray for us to wisely balance and even prioritise our involvement across studies, student leadership, ministry commitments and investing in family and friendships.


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