Dear friends and family, 

Both Nomfundo and I hope you’re doing well? This update is being written whilst we’re in Joburg. Adam is on his mid-year break and Nomfundo is pressing on with her online studies in Christian Counselling, whilst also getting some rest. Adam has just come off the back of exam season and is grateful for the break and looking forward to what promises to be an exciting new semester at college. We’re incredibly blessed to have the opportunity to visit family and friends, whilst we’re in Joburg. We’re also hugely grateful to God for how Nomfundo’s family has softened in their stance towards us since getting married. We are now treated as a married couple and we’re so glad to be having many encouraging gospel centred conversations with Nomfundo’s dad. We praise the Lord for his faithfulness to us and we pray on for transformation and growth in the hearts of Nomfundo’s family, as well as our own, as we witness the love of Christ to them.  

Reflecting on being a gospel witness, a short while ago, we engaged in an insightful session whereby a member of our local church called Marcus Grohman (originally from Germany) was presenting his PhD research on the topic of reconciliation. He had compiled his research using The Message Church in Cape Town as a case study. His key question was to seek to determine what reconciliation looks like in the church, from the perspective of white people. In his research, he presents potential ways forward and the observed boundaries whereby white folk have sought to define and perhaps limit the process of reconciliation, in various ways. The discussion group, which we participated in, around his research was an incredibly fruitful time. We were deeply encouraged to hear more of how the research is being aimed to help the growth of our church, in this area and to further genuine unity in diversity, in the evangelical church in South Africa. Please do reach out to me if you would like to further engage with a summary of his work, written by the man himself. 

As we rewind even further back to Easter, we rejoice that Nomfundo’s mum came to visit us for a few days over the Easter weekend (see header photo). We were so thrilled to be able to spend time with her and show her the diverse landscape of the stunning city of Cape Town. Also, it was incredibly special to be able to introduce her to many people we’ve been building friendships with and for her to get a window into our life this side.  

Nomfundo has been continuing to enjoy her Christian counselling training with SATS and with CCEF.  Also, she has recently been involved in a training course called ‘Equip to Counsel’ which has been a great opportunity to supplement her online studies with in-person group work and sessions. This has been of great encouragement to her. 

To end off, we’re enjoying the current season of life which God has granted us. It’s been great to have a season of input as we receive training to help continue to equip us for longer term service. We are incredibly grateful for the opportunity and provision to study, learn from those around us and be part of a loving college and church family. We’re also aware that the current season which we’re in will change at some point. We’re continuing to think a little about where would be best to serve and work going forward. Please be praying with us as we seek the Lord’s guidance and wisdom for where best to serve and work. We have a strong desire to want to grow in learning the Zulu language (mostly for Adam, and for Nomfundo to sharpen her skills), to engage and connect more with family and serve in a context which is different from what we’ve been exposed to so far. We’re praying on and would appreciate your prayers in this area too.   

We continue to trust that God is the one who is in control and has our paths laid out for us. He is the leader, guider and provider and we must wholly submit to him. We are grateful for all of your support and love. 

Take care and God bless, 

Adam and Nomfundo


Please pray for...

  • Pray for us to be witnesses of Christ to family members who aren’t believers and to exhibit his love in word and deed, as we engage with them in person and over calls. 
  • Pray for wisdom and guidance as we seek to pursue ministry in a context which will help us grow in the understanding and appreciation of the Zulu culture. 
  • Pray for us to wisely balance and even prioritise our involvement across studies, ministry commitments and investing in family and friendships.   



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