Unless the Lord builds the house,

    the builders labour in vain.

Unless the Lord watches over the city,

    the guards stand watch in vain.  (Psalm 127:1)

The words of this famous psalm have been a comforting reminder to us that it is the Lord who gives success to the work that we do and unless we build using his blueprint, we labour in vain.

Settling into the Sunday venue

We are grateful to God that we are beginning to settle into using Musi High School as our venue on Sundays. Initially we found it challenging because we are not the only church who use the school on Sunday. In addition, the entrance to the school is not very visible. To counter this we have a set up routine and have put up signage to make ourselves more visible to the community. The school also gave us permission to paint the classrooms that we use. This has made a big difference to the feel of the place. Our weekly attendance has also started to improve and as our members have got used to the venue, they are inviting people to join us. We are grateful to God for all these things.

Creating a discipleship pathway

One of the things that moving to the school has brought to our attention is that we don’t have a clear discipleship pathway that ensures that we consistently invite people to church and that newcomers get plugged into the activities happening at the church. We have taken it for granted on account of our size but now we are praying and thinking through creative ways of helping people get plugged in so that they can encounter Jesus through his word. This includes increasing our social media presence on Facebook @christcentralsoweto and on Instagram. Please pray for us as we implement these new ideas.

Engaging the community

One of desires we have as a church community in Pimville, Soweto is for God to open doors for us to be able to serve our community in their felt needs and give us opportunities to share the gospel of Christ. The Lord is slowly opening a relationship between us and the school we meet in. We are trying to think of creative ways to serve the teenagers and share God’s love with them.

In addition, we are building a relationship with a group of pensioners who meet weekly to encourage one another and have fun together. They have asked us to share the word of God with them from time to time.

We are also trying to see how we can help young men and women struggling with drug addiction to overcome this through the gospel, in partnership with NGOs around us. Through these initiatives we are hoping to be a blessing to the community with the light of the gospel. We are praying that God opens doors for us share the hope we have (1 Peter 3:15).

Encountering Christ through his word

Lastly, pray for us as we share God’s word weekly through Sunday sermons, kids’ and youth ministry, and our Connect groups. On Sundays we are encountering Authentic Christianity from 1 Thessalonians and learning to Stand Firm in the Lord in Isaiah 6-9. Pray for the faithful proclamation of the gospel and that many will hear the voice of Jesus through his word and come to faith in him.

Many thanks,

Rev Musa Nting

Christ Central Soweto



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