Moving on…

After nearly 4½ years at Proclamation Institute Zambia (PIZ) in Kitwe, we are making a move to another part of Zambia called Mkushi. There, Andy will take on a new role in partnership with a group of churches called Mkushi Christian Community (MCC). As there is no one doing this role with these churches, Andy’s job description will take a little while to finalise, but it is essentially offering training in Bible handling skills to those in church leadership and those that have an interest in developing those skills. The time at PIZ has helped to shape our understanding of the needs in the Zambian church and this will help with the next step.

So, it is moving time! The plan is to pack up and move during the first week of December. Mkushi is five hours from PIZ and we will be moving into an unfurnished place so we will be moving our belongings and getting some new bits and bobs for our new home. We are so thankful that this process has gone well so far, with people offering some furniture and help with the move. That being said, moving is hard work and we will be glad when we are settled into our new house. Once we are settled in there, we will spend some time getting to know the area and meeting up with some people. We have links with the area, and we have spent a lot of our holidays there but visiting a place and living there are very different things. Rachel has lined up a trip to Mkushi market with a Zambian friend who will show her where all the best stalls are. Mkushi is a small town that has developed even since we have been visiting in the last four years. While there are some established shops, there are a lot of market stalls selling local produce. A bit different than going to the mall in Kitwe!


The group of churches that Andy will be working with currently has 28 churches. There are two English-speaking congregations, and the rest are Bemba-speaking. There is a council of elders that oversee the community as a whole, with each individual church having its own eldership. The Bemba speaking churches are overseen by Michael Tembo and this is who Andy will be working with on a day-to-day basis.

The number of churches has mushroomed in the last number of years, which is incredibly encouraging. In fact, the leadership is now slowing the process so that the training needs of the leadership can be met. It is great that there is such a thirst for the gospel, but the immediate need is that those who are leading those churches are equipped to do that faithfully. It is an exciting time to be involved and we are really thankful that God has opened this door for us.

For the first six months, Andy will spend time visiting the local congregations, getting to know the context. We will also spend time doing language learning to have some Bemba to better do the work. Africa is built on relationships and time spent getting to know people and asking what their training needs are is time well spent. This training role is to supplement the work that is already going on within the MCC churches.

Family life

While Andy will be busy with that work in the local church, the boys will start attending school again. While home schooling was an ok stop-gap, we are pleased that there is a good British curriculum school very near to where we will be living. In January, Haydn will enter Form 2 and Daniel will enter Grade 7 (the last year of primary). They have mixed feelings about starting school again, but it will be good for them as they will receive a more rounded education and be able to experience a lot more than can be offered at home.

Once the boys are settled into school, Rachel be in a position to get more involved in ministry. For now, we don’t know exactly what that will look like but it will be wonderful to have more time to spend supporting the church.

Andy, Rachel, Haydn and Daniel


Please pray for...

  • Please pray for us as we adjust to a new place, a new role and a new school for the boys.
  • Give thanks with us that the practical details are falling into place.
  • Please pray for the churches that will be involved in the training and give thanks for the desire to be trained in understanding God’s word better
  • Pray for Rachel as she investigates ministry opportunities with MCC.


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