As the world busily considers transition, we in the Arctic are no different. We too face life’s modern pressures and the numerous opinions of those who want us to comply with their desire to steer the church off course.  

As distractions try and compete with Jesus’ call to seek first his kingdom and cast all our cares upon him, we like all of Christendom are tempted to be busy and overwhelmed by all that needs to be done. It takes effort to ignore the distractions and follow the wisdom of Proverbs 3 to not lean to our own understanding and in all our ways acknowledge God and seek his guidance. 

We are so thankful for all you Prayer Partners who remember the Arctic during your time of prayer. We believe the prayer cover offered on our behalf has led us in our decision making. BCMS Crosslinks with the Arctic people have developed a mission statement to remain faithful to the gospel of Jesus Christ and with the power of the Holy Spirit to obey Jesus’ command to make disciples of all nations. Prayer has helped keep us on course.

We thank God for prayer. We thank God for partners, and we thank God for the Holy Spirit’s aid, his biblically focused teaching over the past 100 plus years so that we have not been led astray by silver-tongued orators. 

We believe prayer assisted Archdeacon Alexander Pryor to lead our office team. We believe prayer assisted Bishop Joey Royal and Bishop David Parsons as they met with bishops of the Global South and GAFCON in Kigali, Rwanda. In the summer of 2023, prayer helped the Diocese of the Arctic delegates speak faithfully and clearly at the Anglican Church of Canada’s General Synod. 

Therefore, we ask for continued prayer for our:

  • Our youth coordinator Nick as he seeks to support diocesan youth leaders and together with them introduce young people to Jesus and encourage young Christians to live a life of discipleship.

For their transition of ministry as…

  • Rev Esau and Mary Tatatoapik move from Clyde River Nunavut to Puvirnituq Nunavik.
  • Rev Abraham and Rev Samantha Kublu move from Arviat Nunavut to join Rev Chris Dow in Iqaluit.
  • Rev Anne Martha Keenainak moves from Pangnirtung to Iqaluit to be partner with Bishop Joey Royal at ATTS. 
  • Rev Ikey and Elizabeth Nashaooraitook move from Gjoa Haven Nunavut to Inukjuak Nunavik
  • For our diocesan deacon’s training school under the leadership of Bishop Joey Royal in Yellowknife and Rev Anne Martha Keenainak in Iqaluit. 
  • For the teaching and traveling ministries of our four bishops. 
  • For parish lay leaders who are ministering as clergy and always on call leading communities who are without clergy.
  • For RADVO and our Arctic delegation who will attend RADVO Ancient Order. Radical vocation: we hope to let people know who we are in the Arctic and possibly attract young clergy to join us.
  • Please pray for our diocesan synod planning committee as they have one year to prepare for our Diocesan Electoral synod planned for October 2024.
  • For our synod office team executive archdeacon Alexander Pryor, financial officer Alex Mulooki, financial assistant Michell Lucas, compliance officer Jen Royal, office assistant Penny Wiest, Chancellor Geoffrey Wiest, Bishop Lucy Netser and Bishop Annie Ittoshat and all Arctic clergy.

In closing, thank you for your partnership in prayer. Your prayers are effective and much appreciated.

Your servant in Christ Jesus,

David W Parsons

Bishop of The Arctic 



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