Return from the UK
As I write this, we have been back in Zambia for three weeks. Our return has seen a flurry of activity: getting ready for the last term of teaching at PIZ, home school for Rachel and the boys and Andy finishing up our veranda. We have added a veranda onto two sides of the house and now we have outside space for school, but also to keep the heat out during the hottest months and to stop the house from flooding in the rains! It has been a mammoth task, but Andy now has some new skills that he probably wouldn’t have acquired had he been in the UK. One of the many joys of living in Africa is that you can have a go!

At the beginning of September, we welcomed Andy’s parents for a month-long visit. It is always nice having visitors and we hope that they will have a good time with us and enjoy catching up with some old friends from their time as missionaries in Zambia. John, Andy’s dad, will also do some teaching while here and Gwyneth, Andy’s mum, will turn her hand to various tasks in the house that we haven’t managed to get to yet.

The end of the academic year always brings about questions for the students. ‘What will I do when I return to my home church? How can I effectively use the skills that I have gained at PIZ to better handle God’s word?’ Of the students that graduate from PIZ, some go back to use their skills as members of Bible studies, youth groups or worship teams. There are others who will go on to take leadership roles in their local churches. To give you some insight, we have interviewed one of our students so that you can hear first-hand what his thoughts are on finishing his time at PIZ.

What is your name, are you married and where do you come from?
My name is Bright Moono, I am single and I am originally from Livingstone. I have spent the last four years in Kitwe studying for a teaching qualification to be able to teach secondary school maths.

What brought you to PIZ?
I heard about PIZ when Adamson Kumwenda, a previous PIZ student and an elder at my church, told me about the course. I had told him that I wanted to study the Bible more and to be able to interpret it better. Elder Kumwenda started to show me some of the tools that he had been taught at PIZ and so I applied to come to be a student.

What have you learnt so far?
The biggest thing that I have learnt is that the whole Bible is one big story pointing to Christ. I have learnt that the Old Testament is really important in leading us towards Christ. I now understand the context of Scripture better by using the tools that we have been taught. I had also heard all about salvation by grace, but it is only now that I am beginning to really understand it.

How will what you have learnt change your ministry?
I now have a better knowledge about how to deal with heresies in the church, so I feel like I can correct some of the false teachings I encounter. I am also better at teaching and explaining the Bible than when I first came to PIZ. I enjoy using what I have learnt in different ministries in my church.

What is next when you finish at PIZ?
I would really like to do further study, possibly abroad. I am keen to go into full-time Christian ministry in Zambia in the future and so I would like to continue with further training.

What does your family think about these plans?
Some of my family don’t think that I should be going into church work. They think that I should be doing a job where I can earn more money. My parents are both Christians and they are very supportive as are some other family members.

Bright’s story is just one example of where our students come from and what they hope to do once they have completed their studies at PIZ. It is our hope that each of our students leave PIZ with a desire to explain God’s word as faithfully as they can, in whatever context they find themselves in.


Please pray for...

  • Pray for the students as they complete their last term of study. Pray that they will work hard to understand what they have been taught and be keen to put it into practice.
  • Pray for Andy as he prepares lectures and helps to lead our church.
  • Please pray for Rachel, Haydn and Daniel as they adjust to home school.


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