As you read this prayer letter, we are coming towards the end of our time at PIZ. Andy will finish as a lecturer at the end of November, when this year’s cohort of students finish up and head back to their churches. We have made the decision to leave after many months of prayer and discussion both here and in the UK and are sure it is the right thing to do.

At the same time as we came to the decision to finish at PIZ, an opportunity arose for Andy to be involved in training church leaders in another area of Zambia called Mkushi. The church situation is a collection of 28 local churches all in a group. There are two English language churches and 26 Bemba congregations. Andy’s role would involve working under a Zambian leader in the ongoing training and teaching of church leaders in all of these churches, but with a specific focus on the vernacular churches. 

This move isn’t set in stone and as such, we would really value your prayers. We are pushing on this door and praying that God will keep it open for us, if it is what he wants us to do. As missionaries sent by churches in the UK, we are keen to involve everyone in our decision-making process. While this feels like a God-given option for us, we really want to carry all of our supporters along with us in this potential move. So, what does that mean for everyone reading this prayer letter?

Firstly, please pray with us. We came to Zambia with a heart for God’s word to be taught in the church and for leaders to get the opportunity to be trained to handle God’s word correctly. This opportunity would ensure that we continue to do this in Zambia, but we want to serve where God wants us to! While we would love a ‘Paul and the Macedonian man’ situation to clearly show us what

Secondly, while the area is familiar to us from our visits there, a visit is different to living somewhere. The boys, in particular, feel very much at home in Kitwe and it will be hard to start afresh. It would also mean a change back to regular schooling rather than home schooling as there is a Christian British curriculum school nearby which would be a good option for the boys. Actually, getting the boys back into school is one of the reasons for moving on from PIZ.  Starting at a new school will be a challenge for both Haydn and Daniel and we know that it is already in their thoughts. Please pray that we as parents have wisdom to support the boys in this big change.

Please feel free to contact us and ask questions! We might not have answers yet, but we are happy to share in more detail where we can if that helps you to pray.

Please pray for the goodbyes. We have made friends here over the years and it will be hard to say goodbye to those people. It is hard starting afresh, although we do already have some friends in Mkushi, which is such a blessing.

For those who are in a position to continue supporting us financially, please pray to see if God is prompting you to keep on doing that. We will have additional costs if we do move to Mkushi as we will have school fees and rent to consider. We can only do this because God’s people have been willing to generously support us and for that we are so grateful.

Thank you, as always, for your prayers.

Andy, Rachel, Haydn and Daniel



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