Lots of people ask us what life is like out here in Zambia, so we thought this would be a good opportunity for us to share some of our thoughts about our first 18 months here. 

1.    What has been good about being in Zambia? 

Enjoying the bakkie

Daniel: There is a lot of good wildlife that we don’t get to see in England. And our cats! 
Haydn: I like that we have pet cats and chickens. It’s also nice that we have lots of space in our garden. I like riding in the back of the bakkie (pick-up) too! 
Rachel: I have enjoyed being in a new culture and absorbing all of the new sites, sounds and smells while meeting new people as well. Lots of new things! The sunshine has been lovely too!  
Andy: I have enjoyed the teaching – seeing students understand, grow and become more faithful to the texts they are working with. It has been challenging but good to try to understand how Zambians view the world – to better see the questions that are asked about life to then see what questions are being asked when it comes to the Bible. And I have enjoyed designing a garden!

2.    What has been difficult about being in Zambia? 

Daniel: I miss my friends and family. 
Haydn: I don’t like the humid weather in rainy season. I also miss my friends and family. 
Rachel: Being away from friends and family is the toughest thing about being abroad. It has also been hard as a parent knowing that it’s not been easy for the boys to settle. 
Andy: It has been hard being away from established friendships and family and starting from scratch with a new culture, new people, new church, etc. Seeing the children struggle to make friendships and being powerless to help has been hard. 

3.    What has surprised you about Zambia? 

Daniel: I have been surprised by all the tropical things there are. There are lots of colourful snakes and lizards. I am also surprised by the weird meals that people sometimes eat. For example, caterpillars, cane rats and mole rats!  
Haydn: The colour, shape and size of all the fungi that we see. There have been a lot of really big and very colourful mushrooms. I have also been surprised by all of the different birds that we see around our house. My favourite is the Ross’ Touraco, which has a blue body, yellow beak and face, with a red crest. Look it up! 
Rachel: Before coming, I would have told you that I was not looking forward to the snakes. We have seen very few and they have really not been a menace at all. The ants, on the other hand, have been awful! They nip, sting and swarm, are impossible to get rid of and are merciless in their attack on anything in their way (including our first batch of chickens!).
Andy: I have been surprised by how much the culture is in a state of change and how quickly. For example, the younger generation – what they wear, what they listen to and how they think – is beginning to be influenced by the West as well as traditional culture, while the older generation is a lot more traditional. 

4.    What has God taught you while you have been in Zambia? 

Haydn gardening

Daniel: He looks after me here as well as in England. 
Haydn: I have learnt that it is good to be a missionary because it’s important to teach God’s word to people that may not understand it. 
Rachel: I have been reminded of God’s faithfulness and sovereignty during this time in Zambia. I think this has been amplified by the COVID situation and the fact that we are all ultimately not in control. Arriving somewhere new and feeling far from home normally subsides with time but having limits on movement can be unsettling. I have been very aware of God’s faithfulness to us, providing comfort in many forms when we have needed it the most. 
Andy: I have learnt to trust God because certain things are very clearly out of my control.  

Prayer points 

Give thanks to God that he has been with us in the last 18 months. 
Give thanks for the lower numbers affected by COVID in Zambia. While there are many theories as to why this is, we are very grateful that the country has not been overwhelmed. 
Give thanks for this year’s students and pray that they will have the right attitude towards their time at PIZ, that God will bring them close to him and that they will put into practise the skills that they are learning. 
Please pray that Haydn and Daniel will continue to develop friendships. 
Pray for Rachel as she ferries the boys to and from school and that she will use her remaining time wisely. 
Continue to pray for Andy as he teaches at PIZ. Pray that he will be faithful to God’s word and that he will explain it clearly to those he teaches.

Picture at top of page: 2021 students

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