Dear friends and family,

Both Nomfundo and I hope you had a wonderful Easter.

The past few years have been quite busy around the Easter weekend with both of us working for churches which have lots on over this period. There are many joys of being part of a busy staff team. However, it did often mean that we had to be more intentional to ensure that the meaning of Easter didn’t pass us by! This year, however, we had many opportunities to reflect quietly on the significance of Christ’s death and resurrection – both for our own lives and for the world as a whole. 

Perhaps the aspect of not allowing the significance of monumental events and truths pass by is something we’ve also been working on whilst at college studying theology. We’ve really enjoyed our first term studying at George Whitefield College (GWC). It’s been such a blessing to dig deeper into God’s word and to sharpen our ability to communicate it better. It’s also been a real blessing to be able to do this in such a diverse community of men and women. Both of us have been so blessed by getting to know the college community more as well as by striving to pursue a deeper understanding of God with those around us. However, we are often reminded that there can be dangers with the environment we’re in. And one of these dangers (as alluded to above) is to make our faith all about academic understanding, rather than about knowledge that leads to genuine transformation and fruit. 

Missiology class

We’ve found that we need to be careful to ensure that our head doesn’t get flooded with lots of knowledge that puffs up. We need to be careful that we don’t associate assignment and exam marks with how we’re growing as Christians. However, we do need to fight for our devotion in the Lord to grow. We do need to keep growing in godliness and Christ-likeness. And we need to be reminded of who we are in Jesus.  

One of the things which helps keep us grounded in our faith is our involvement in a local church. We praise God that we have settled at a local church called ‘The Message’. We’ve loved how we’ve been welcomed at the church. It’s been great to see the desire for the church to grow closer together in community and then to reach out to the surrounding community as Christ is shared. We also have also enjoyed seeing the church seeking to be increasingly intentional in striving for unity in diversity.

Family meal

As this update is being written, we are both in the UK, which has been a wonderful opportunity to see family and friends. It is also Nomfundo’s first time in the UK and she’s already had a taste of the cold weather. Many quirky things have stood out to her but she was particularly struck by the amount of accents on such a small island – and especially by how different certain accents are from each other, despite their speakers living only a short distance apart.

Besides all the visits, we've also been trying to sort out an unexpected visa issue for me. On returning to the UK, we were hoping to use the opportunity for me to apply for a new visa for my studies (something which I can only do that from the UK). Upon submitting the documents, I realised that it now requires a South African Police Clearance certificate. This was a surprise – I’ve never needed one before. And this new requirement wasn’t made especially clear. But it is what it is! I’ve applied for a certificate now and should get one couriered back, in the next two – three weeks, whereby I’ll have to start the process all over again. Hopefully, if all goes well, the visa should take between five weeks and two months to be processed. We are hugely grateful that GWC have been incredibly supportive and plans are being put in place to ensure that we can both continue our studies online until the visa gets approved, God willing.

In the meantime, we’re continuing to trust that the Lord is in complete control and to take refuge in the reality that he knows the future and has a good plan behind the changes.

We’ll continue to keep you updated and thank you so much for your partnership and prayers and you’ll hear again from us soon.

God bless,

Adam and Nomfundo

Praise God for:
•    Beginning to settle well into life in Cape Town, including at college and in our new church.
•    The opportunity to see family and friends in the UK (many of whom Adam hasn’t seen in a long time and Nomfundo has only just met).
•    Giving us the peace and strength to persevere and continue in times of uncertainty with the visa difficulties.

Pray for:
•    A visa to be approved quickly for Adam and for online studies to work out well while we’re in the UK.
•    Continued peace and trust in the Lord as we navigate so many changes and uncertainties. To be comforted by our understanding of God’s sovereignty and grace in this all. 
•    Us to be intentional in seeking to grow our friendship in marriage and to use this opportunity to establish our new family as we consider what it looks like to bring both our cultures together with Christ at the centre.

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