November 2019

We have recently been studying Mark’s Gospel in our sermon series together and have been hugely encouraged by the coming of God’s great King.

We are thankful for the six new associates on our Ministry Training Scheme (MTS) settling in well and being eager to learn and serve. Our prayer for those on our training scheme is that they would grow and develop in their godly character, conviction of Christian truth and ministry competency so that they would be effective ministers of the gospel for years to come. Please pray for our training of these young men and women and pray for those whose role it is to supervise their training.

We have been hugely encouraged by the start to our student year. We have been getting around 250 students on a Sunday in the early weeks of term and had an amazing 40-50 freshers come along to Focus, our midweek bible study. An area of huge encouragement for us has been in our international ministry, particularly amongst the Japanese students. We currently have 50 Japanese people regularly attending Monday Club, an evangelistic outreach that we have been running. Please pray for our international ministry to grow and in particular that those with us would hear the gospel clearly and be challenged to turn to Christ this year. We also give thanks for the appointment of Simeon Nichols and Sharon Stolle as assistant student workers to help in this key ministry.

Please continue to pray for our finances as a church. Each year we aim to operate at a level that stretches us and so we need to pray that God would provide the resources we need for this and give thanks that each year he has done so. Please also pray for the appointment of an assistant minister to help lead our local ministry and small group ministry as Sam Herbert heads off to Moore College in January.

We are aware of various newcomers who come through our doors. Please pray that we would welcome them as Christ has welcomed us and that they would be gripped by the gospel and commit to our church family.

Finally, we thank God for the growth of our church plant, Grace Church. But pray that there would be growth from the local area as the community is reached with the powerful gospel. Do pray on for Mark as he leads the church there.

In other news we are very thankful to God for our four children. Please pray for myself and Sarah as we parent Emily, Samuel, William, and Sophie, and that they would come to know and love the Lord. 

With warmest greetings,

Tony and Sarah Jones

In summary please pray:

  • For our new associates and staff to settle into their roles well.
  • For the provision of a new assistant minister starting in January.
  • For the funds we need to allow the ministry to flourish.
  • For our international work to grow and for those leading it to be clear in their explanation of the gospel.
  • For our student work to train and equip the students with the gospel to live for Christ throughout their lives.
  • For our evangelism across all our ministries. Pray that this would never drop from our agenda.



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