July 2022

We’re delighted to be writing our first official Crosslinks prayer letter to you. Although we have a fair way to go with raising support (see the last paragraph with some facts and figures!), we are thankful for the opportunity that this is giving us to trust in the Lord’s provision and to pray. This summer marks the end of Tom’s full-time theological study at the Brussels Bible Institute and the start, we hope, of full time ministry at Eglise Emmanuel Etterbeek. 

At camp, Liz gave a talk on God revealing his name to Moses (Exodus 3). We have been comforted recently by this wonderful truth that God is the great I AM who has always existed and will never change. He is the definition of stability and is a promise-keeper. We’ve been keeping this truth in mind during this period of transition.

Time in the UK

On the last day of term, many locals and expats flee the city of Brussels. We were able to do the same – Liz took the boys over to spend some time with her parents in the UK as soon as school was out. Tom joined them a week later (after staying to preach on Matthew 5, continuing with 121s and hosting newcomers to the church for Sunday lunch!). In the UK, we had the privilege of meeting with four different churches who are considering partnering with us. It was so encouraging to be reminded how we are brothers and sisters across different countries with a wonderful unity in the gospel. Thank you to those who welcomed us!

Interaction Camp

As we send this out, InterAction Belgium has just finished with 53 campers, 25 leaders and a host of others behind the scenes making everything happen. The talks were on the book of Exodus this year and Tom was directing whilst Liz helped to lead a small programme for the little children on the theme of treasure in the Bible. Please pray for ongoing spiritual growth and changed hearts for everyone as a result of having spent time in God’s word. 

Church news

Emmanuel Etterbeek weekend away

We had a great church weekend away in June. It was a very happy time, with Crosslinks mission partner Steve Orange speaking on Matthew 5 (the Sermon on the Mount). His sermons were practical and clear and we were struck by the genius of Jesus’ masterful teaching on kingdom living. The weekend also featured the baptism of L, which was a moment of great joy for everyone. 

We hosted an end of year meal for our super Sunday school teachers to thank them for their great efforts over the year and to pray and plan for next year. We also hosted our final Bible study group with a celebratory meal. It has been a really wonderful year of walking side-by-side with these brothers and sisters and learning from the book of Luke together. 


We have lots of plans for the new term but are also aware that we are very much in God’s hands as we seek support to be able to continue with ministry here. We had hoped to be fully funded by the summer but this is very unlikely at this stage – we are only up to about 33% of what we need over the next three years. 
We still need to raise approximately £38,000 p.a. as soon as possible.  Crosslinks won’t be able to give us the green light without three years of pledged funding. 

This feels like a huge and impossible task at the moment. But we know that nothing is impossible with God. Liz has a part-time job with a UK-based charity starting in September which will help. We might need to look into the possibility of Tom finding short-term secular work in the interim. We know that we are searching for funding at a time when the cost of living is rising but if you were wanting to give but haven’t yet, please would you consider it as a matter of urgency?

And please let us know if you have any ideas of anyone else who might be interested in partnering with a young pastor and his family who are just setting out into ministry in Europe. There is so much to do – the harvest is plentiful. Please pray with us that the Lord will provide. 

Prayer points summary

  • Give thanks for a great week on InterAction Belgium and pray for ongoing spiritual fruit in the lives of the young people. 
  • Give thanks for a great weekend away as well as for the baptism of L.
  • Pray for Tom and for Johnny (our lead pastor) who are working on a new vision and mission statement for the church 
  • For Tom’s course on children’s ministry at the Brussels Bible Institute starting in September, that it would equip the men and women who take part to have a clear understanding of the importance of passing on the Gospel message to the next generation.
  • For God to provide financially for us as a family to continue living and serving in Brussels

We are so grateful for your prayers and encouragements. Please do get in touch to let us know how you are and what you are up to this summer.
With much love from the Trumps

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