October 2019

Dear friends,

We launched our seventh full academic year at Edinburgh Bible College this week with gratitude and renewed commitment. We thank the Lord and rejoice over the growing number of students. This and the ‘Friends of EBC’ initiative have had a positive impact on our financial situation. As a result, amongst other expenses, we are able to pay for someone to produce a new website and some professionally produced literature with a distinct EBC look. The publicity of EBC will be our priority over the next 12 months. Please pray with us for wisdom and open doors to make EBC known as widely as possible.

Our library - which has over 4,000 volumes - will soon be in much better hands than it has ever been. We are delighted that Valerie Robertson has joined the EBC team as our first (part-time) librarian. Valerie, a member of Charlotte Chapel in Edinburgh, has worked in various libraries, mainly in education, and comes with a lot of experience. 

The EBC student body this term consists of Scottish, Welsh, Northern Irish, English, Polish and German students. When all 1st, 2nd and 3rd year students are around (and not on placement) we are forced to use the office as an extra classroom - which makes for close fellowship as everyone is huddled around one large table.

Why not consider joining ‘Friends of EBC’ by donating just £10 per month? With only 150 friends (or the equivalent of £1,500 monthly) we would be able to cover our core costs. Please contact Kerstin for more info. 

Praying for more colour

We feel somewhat deprived of the more international character that has always been a dominating factor in our ministry and are not only praying for numerical growth, but also a bit more colour both at college and in our church family. But, thanks to electronic media, we are still connected with many friends from Namibia and are grateful for the ministry opportunities it provides in terms of mentoring and discipleship. Having recognised that there are not enough Namibian Christians who publish books that are relevant for the Namibian context, Thorsten encourages some of our former students to write about theological issues they feel passionate about. One book soon to be published is on Namibian church history. 

Having been encouraged by Crosslinks to write down her reflections on times of transition and culture shock: ‘Coming home as an angry alien’ is the outcome - the first of four blogs giving you a glimpse into her heart.

Global connections

A recent encouraging encounter had God’s handwriting all over it. One of our former Namibian students had introduced us to a couple from Singapore/Hong Kong who have lived in Edinburgh for many years. We have enjoyed fellowship with them on several occasions over the past two years. When their good friend from Malaysia visited them, we got together for a meal because this very friend happened to be the father of a young man whom we know from our time when he studied at Nottingham University while Thorsten was chaplain for international students. He now serves as a missionary at the YWAM Discipleship Training School in Australia. How exciting it is to be part of God’s global family! 

The power of prayer

We are truly amazed at how the Lord has been at work in Thorsten’s father’s life in recent months. Having rejected the Lord all his life, his heart has started to soften. During our last visit he asked for prayer and for the first time ever we heard him pray as he joined in the Lord’s prayer. Thorsten has also had a couple of encouraging skype conversations with him about the Gospel. Then there are very obvious changes in his behaviour that have had a significant positive impact on his quality of life and our relationship with him. Thorsten’s father is a living testimony of the power of prayer. Thank you for all your prayers and please keep praying for his salvation.  

In other news we are sad to say that Thorsten is still waiting for his left ear to improve following the second surgery in July. Thankfully, there no longer seem to be any infections. But constant tinnitus and muffled hearing makes it very difficult for him to understand his students in class and generally increases his stress level. Please keep praying.

Church news - reasons to rejoice and pray

Our church St Thomas’ is at an exciting crossroads after having come out of the Scottish Episcopal Church recently. Please pray with us as the church moves forward, decides what our main focus for the future should be and makes plans for outreach into the community. Our local Baptist Church (Dedridge) has experienced some encouraging growth. A couple of people have come to faith in Christ and a youth group is about to start. Members of both Dedridge Baptist and St T’s have been attending lectures at Edinburgh Bible College to be better equipped for ministry.

Thank you so much for your partnership in the Gospel! We are truly grateful to have such faithful partners in ministry. With warm greetings also from the EBC staff team! 

Yours in Christ, 

Thorsten & Kerstin

Praise God for

  • Growing student numbers at EBC, increased financial support and the appointment of a librarian.
  • His transforming work in Thorsten's father.

Please pray for

  • EBC's publicity, for open doors so that the college may be made known as widely as possible and growing student numbers.
  • 117 people to join the ‘Friends of EBC’ initiative during this academic year.
  • The Lord to add to our numbers at St Thomas’ and Dedridge Baptist ‘those who are being saved’ (Acts 2:47); for a growing hunger for God’s word and spiritual renewal.
  • Improvement in Thorsten’s hearing.
  • Kerstin holding a half-day women’s seminar at Dedridge Baptist Church on the topic ‘Finding joy in Jesus’ on 12 October.

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