Thomas Poette

Thomas is a BEST study partner at Faculte Libre de Theologie Evangelique in Vaux-sur-Seine, to the north west of Paris.

Thomas was brought up in a Christian family but, as a teenager, realised that he was compromising his faith by his involvement in politics. Thomas came to see that there was a contradiction between the faith he professed and the orientation of the political party he supported. He knew that he must decide between the two and, after taking time to investigate the claims of Christianity, decided to follow Christ as Lord. In his own words, 'I chose Jesus Christ because I realised he is the truth. After that I got baptised and engaged myself in Annecy Baptist Church.'

In 2013, Thomas began a Theology degree at Faculte Libre de Theologie Evangelique, which he completed in 2016. He stayed on at the college for the 2016-17 academic year, studying for a Master’s degree alongside serving at a local church. He writes, 'God is teaching to me to serve him outside of my comfort zone. My ministry at Orleans Baptist Church is not easy, but I think the Lord sent me here to learn to serve him and his Church. I'm learning to serve just to serve, and not for personal fulfilment.' 

Thomas has been recommended to stay on at Faculté Libre de Théologie Évangélique to do a two year Research Master’s, alongside continuing to serve at Orleans Baptist Church.

Thomas is studying a two-year a Research Masters in Theology at Faculte Libre de Theologie Evangelique. He needs £2,725 per academic year until June 2019 to complete his studies.




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