Szilárd Tam

Szilárd is serving with Acorn Camps in Hungary for one to three years.

Over 50% of the Hungarian population claim to be Christian but for many it doesn’t affect their everyday life. Most reach adulthood without ever hearing the gospel of the Lord Jesus. Acorn Camps helps Hungarian churches reach teenagers for Christ. They run summer camps to help churches reach out to young people in their communities and train youth leaders through conferences, a part-time course and mentoring.

Szilárd is from Hungary and came to London for university. God used a Christian friend, the Christian Union and a local church to answer Szilárd’s questions about God and change his heart. After he finished his studies, Szilárd was a ministry intern at St James’ Church alongside training on the Cornhill Training Course. In September 2020, Szilárd returned to Hungary to work with Acorn Camps. He is leading the youth groups at a placement church as well as helping with admin and communications and serving on the summer camps. 

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