Radomir Jovetic

Radomir is a BEST study partner at Novi Sad Baptist Theological School in Serbia

Radomir was brought up in a non-Christian family and first heard the gospel as a teenager. It wasn’t until Radomir was going through a period of difficulties that he accepted an invitation to attend church. During the sermon, God opened Radomir’s heart and he responded to the gospel message by surrendering his life to Christ. After completing high school, Radomir attended the HUB Bible School in Belgrade where he met his wife, Monika.

Radomir and Monika married in 2015 and have together been involved in church ministry in Lalić and Silbaš (villages to the north west of Novi Sad). Radomir and Monika both help with the churches’ youth ministry and Radomir preaches regularly in the Sunday services. To equip themselves further for their ministries, Radomir and Monika are both studying at the Baptist Theological School (BTS) in Novi Sad.

Radomir writes, ‘I want to spend the rest my life ministering the word of God to Christians and non-Christians. I need theological knowledge for this ministry and so studying at BTS will help better equip me for it. These studies will help me to expand my perspective, so I can be more useful to the church.’

Radomir started the four-year Bachelor of Theological and Biblical Studies course at the Baptist Theological School, Novi Sad, in September 2016. He needs £410 per academic year until the end of June 2020 to complete his studies.




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