Pārdaugava Reformed Church

In recent years, the Christian population of Latvia has been reducing. Secularism has taken hold and there has been a rise in the number of Latvians professing no religious affiliation.

In the capital city of Riga – where one third of the Latvian population live – around 44,800 people attend church every week but only a handful prioritise faithful bible teaching. Church-goers are not being fed regularly from God’s word and so lack maturity in their faith and an understanding of their role in sharing the good news of Christ with unbelievers.

Pārdaugava Reformed Church was established in Riga in September 2016, headed up by Mārtiņš Martinson, Andis Miezitis and Miroslavs Tumanovskis. The church is located in Pārdaugava - a prime location for reaching out to the many young families and university students who live there. The key aims of the church are:

  • Evangelism
  • Training gospel workers
  • Helping Christians grow in their faith

Miroslavs writes, 'Our key conviction is that God works in power as his word is taught. Therefore we focus the ministry of the church on the teaching of God’s word. Whatever we do - be it evangelism, building-up believers or training new workers - the word of God must be central.'



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