Mihail Chisari

Mihail is a BEST study partner studying by distance learning with Crosslands, UK.

In recent years, there have been encouraging signs of gospel growth in Moldova. However, preaching has a tendency to drift into legalism and there is some hostility towards the doctrine of grace. There is a great need for pastors who have been trained in reformed theology and are equipped to disciple believers. 

Mihail grew up in a nominal orthodox family and became a Christian when he was a teenager. After he finished school, Mihail moved to Chişinău to study pastoral theology at Universiatea Divitia Gratiae. However, it wasn’t until after his graduation that Mihail was introduced to reformed theology. In God’s providence Mihail grew in his understanding of the gospel and the ministry God was calling him to do. Mihail’s church – Imago Dei (Image of God) - launched in Chişinău in 2018 and he was ordained as pastor in November 2019. 


Mihail is studying for a Masters in Christian Ministry with Crosslands and needs £4,605 per academic year until December 2022. By doing this further training, Mihail hopes to grow in his understanding of reformed theology, which will help him to minister to his congregation faithfully and reach out to others in Moldova.



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