October 2018

We are so grateful for your partnership in the work out here.

Please give thanks…

  • For the baptisms of G and T and for the celebration of our second birthday as Chiesa Evangelica Neapolis. That in the Lord’s kindness we managed to celebrate both these events on the seafront in central Naples. That he provided the required permits from the city council, the perfect weather and a great team from within the church to run the event. For this unique opportunity to encourage the many non-believers present, to build their lives on the rock and not on the sand. For the Lord’s work in G and T’s lives. For all the publicity it has given us as a church - we made it into a number of the local newspapers’ websites. 
  • For L and F who have been coming to Neapolis for the last year, but who are not yet professing faith. For the impact G and T’s baptism seems to have had on them. For S, one of G and T’s adult daughters and her boyfriend who have been attending Neapolis regularly for the last two months. For signs that the Lord seems to be at work in their hearts. 
  • For the Bible overview that we’ve been working through as a church on Tuesday evenings (see photo, right). For the hunger (physical/spiritual!) that we enjoy as a church for the Word.
  • For the re-start of Rock Solid (youth group), for the 14 teenagers that attended the last meeting, many of them non-believers. For the opportunity that this presents us to take these young adults through Mark’s Gospel this term. 
  • For ongoing good relationships with local churches - many of whom were represented at the baptisms. Mark preached at Pozzuoli church (14 Oct), at the 20s/30s evening (22 Oct) of a local big Pentecostal church (800 members) and will preach at Bacoli church (25 Nov).

Napoli la città con il cuore più grande del mondo!

It’s hard to know how to describe Naples. It’s not postcard beautiful (Florence/Venice), it’s not economically powerful (Milan), it’s not politically powerful (Rome), it’s not even number one in the Seria A football (Turin), but this might be the year! It does however have heart - the biggest heart in the world. The people of Naples wear their hearts on their sleeves. Whether rejoicing or mourning, in love or in anger they pulsate with emotion and passion. There is often a palpable energy in the air as you walk through the streets that is unlike any other European city that I have visited. Naples has heart and yet, tragically, the more we live here the more we recognise it as a dark heart, the dark heart of Italy some would say. There’s a spiritual darkness that pervades the city, holding it in its grip, its people hiding in the shadows. Into this darkness steps the Creator God, ‘But the Lord called to the man and said to him, “Where are you?”’ (Gen 3:9). The call of the gospel - come into the light, stop hiding, stop fearing, embrace your Creator who came to seek and save the lost, who will give you a heart of flesh and will teach you what true passion is. How we long for more Neapolitans to join us in delighting in the heart of God!

Please pray for…

  • New hearts for L and F, S and A (daughter and boyfriend of G and T) and for the teenagers of Rock Solid.
  • The Gruppi Biblici Universitari midweek, lunchtime bible studies. Mark will be leading one of these groups - for Christians to be built up and encouraged in their evangelism in their universities.
  • The church study day (10 Nov) as we consider how we as a church can engage with the current immigrant crisis - we have invited two guest speakers, one will help us understand the theological reasons we are called to love the strangers in our midst, the other will speak of her personal experience of leading a ministry in a local church reaching out to Nigerian prostitutes. 
  • Mark is trying to organise a men’s gathering (6 Apr). He is hoping to run it in partnership with a number of local churches (Baptist, Brethren and Pentecostal). Please pray for wisdom as he meets with various church leaders to pull together a planning team. For a common desire to see men built up in their faith and for trust to be built between these leaders. 
  • The Oden family, that we’d continue to have big hearts for this city. That we’d be on the front foot, intentionally reaching out with the gospel to the many people the Lord has brought us into contact with in this city.

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