June 2019

We are so grateful for your partnership in the work out here. 

Please give thanks…

For ministry on a local level: two church study days (see photo above) - we run them once a term on a Saturday to give us a chance as a church family to spend time together and focus either on a doctrine or a practical aspect of the Christian life. In March we began to explore the Trinity, at the beginning of June we studied the Holy Spirit in John, Acts and 1 Corinthians. For an Easter evangelistic meal (pictured right) with over 40 adults and children present, a number of whom are non-Christians. For Francesco and Milena, our lovely co-workers, committing to the centre of Naples and Chiesa Evangelica Neapolis for another two or three years.

For ministry on a regional level: men’s conference (photo left) - on 6 Apr 150 men gathered from the three major Italian evangelical denominations (Pentecostal, Baptist and Brethren) to prayerfully consider what it would mean to be Men of the Cross in the areas of sex, power and money. To my knowledge this is the first time these three denominations have come together in such an initiative. For the privilege to be involved in the organising of this conference, for the relationships that have come from it especially with Ciro (Pentecostal elder), Marco and Tony (Baptist Pastors). For the men that were built up and challenged in these areas. 

For ministry on a national level: The Gospel Coalition Italia annual conference - for the encouragement it was to sit under the teaching of Don Carson on Christ in the Psalms (photo above). For the new churches rep-resented at the conference. For the ongoing work of this national network. For the privilege of being a council member and for Lord’s protection over us. 

Please pray for…

L and F and giving thanks for clear signs of the Lord’s work in their lives. L (mother of a boy in Archie’s class), has been coming to church for over a year and has recently made some significant life choices based on gospel convictions. This along with her personal testimony gives us real hope that she has been born again over the last six months. F has been attending for the last four months, engaged to a Christian girl and appears to now be professing faith. For both of these that the Lord would route them in Christ, that they’d be united to him by his Spirit and grow in their knowledge and love of him!

Our fourth and biggest evangelistic Holiday Club (10-14 June) with 48 primary and middle school aged children signed up. Theme: Searching for the real Super Hero… we’ll be looking at Noah, Moses, David, Esther and Paul and seeing how each one of them point to the real Super Hero! For a great harvest in these souls - a number have attended all four camps. For the Spirit to be at work in their parents as well. For safety, for an ongoing good relationship with the Anglican church who generously let us run the camp.

For the summer period: our summer teaching series on idols of the heart - that we would be convicted where appropriate of idols that have taken hold of our affections and distracted us from Christ. For good relational time with church members in July and August when life is much quieter for many people. For travelling mercies as we return to the UK for home leave. For the Lord’s protection over the church and for an ongoing hunger for his word even as people rest from their regular routines.

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