September 2021

Thank you so much for praying for us so faithfully. This summer has gone very well in terms of serving through teaching and evangelism. We praise God for this! There have been continuing measures for COVID in the Czech Republic, in particular the need to get tested before each camp.  

However, despite last minute appearances at hospital testing centres (and, at one point, finding out that our health insurance renewal cards had not got to us and so our cards – not our insurance – were out of date), we have been able to serve and be present at all the camps that we planned to, without a hitch. We see this as an amazing answer to prayer. 

We also managed to get away on a family holiday for a week. It almost didn't happen due to not being able to access our test results but eventually they came through in the right format.

In one of the camps Jirka had a large group for bible studies and there was some very encouraging feedback. People were really grateful for how in-depth the studies were. Thank you for enabling this and much more through your support of this ministry here in the Czech Republic. Jirka also led a seminar in apologetics which many found helpful for discussions they will have with non-believers.

Student meetings, Olomouc

We are really looking forward to meeting the new students who are studying in Olomouc this year. Please pray for all those who will be coming to the regular student meetings (SKH Olomouc). Also for a few technical issues that we have been having with the website – that they will be sorted quickly (a professional is taking a look). 


In a few weeks’ time Jirka will run a Christianity Explored course for students. We would like to get the word out effectively in Palácky University and would be grateful for your prayers for this.

Weekend away 

The weekend away this autumn will take place from 22 – 24 October. It would be great for lots of students to have this time together studying God's word and getting to know each other.

Olomouc church plant 

Thank you for praying regarding the church plant. We will now meet in person in Olomouc as during the summer we were able to organise a place we can rent. This is a great answer to prayer so thank you so much for praying!  

We are starting with evangelistic activities – please pray for these to be fruitful and that many would come and hear the truth of the Lord Jesus.

Training leaders

On 13 September Jirka will be training leaders from around the country in evangelism. Please pray that it will be encouraging for them and that it will help them greatly as they share the gospel.

Christianity Explored online

Jirka will lead a new CE course online starting on 20 September. It’ll take place on Zoom so that we can reach those who are further away in the Czech Republic and possibly Slovakia.  

During the summer we met up with others involved nationally with this Christianity Explored group. We had not managed to connect with the team for a long time due to COVID and it was lovely to meet face to face! We made plans and arrangements for this year and committed them to the Lord.

Bible study preparation

Jirka is continuing to prepare a Bible study guide on James, to help an evangelistic organisation He has also been asked by a church to make a bible study guide on 1 and 2 Thessalonians and has made a start on this.

On 2 October he will be teaching church workers how to lead a bible study. Please pray that it will be helpful for those leading groups and for building the Church in this country.

Give thanks for:

  • A really encouraging summer where the gospel went out to many here in the Czech Republic.
  • Somewhere for the new church plant to meet in Olomouc.
  • The opportunity to have some relaxing family time.

Please pray for:

  • Us to use all the opportunities we have for evangelism.
  • Many new students to come along to the SKH group.
  • A good start to the church plant meetings in the new place.

Thank you so much for your support of this valuable ministry. 

In Christ,
Jirka and Keira

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