November 2021

Thank you so much for your prayers and support for this ministry here in the Czech Republic. We are so encouraged to hear how you have returned to church meetings in person. Here in the Czech Republic we praise God that it has been a fruitful time for ministry, especially in terms of reaching people with the gospel. As with you, we have been able to meet in person and that has been a great blessing.

Christianity Explored (Monday night Zoom group) 

This course has just finished and went very well. About eight people came along and two of those attending had a radical change in their understanding of the gospel – they now believe it and have come to a saving faith in the Lord Jesus! Witnessing them grow from not understanding the gospel to believing it has been such a joy for us. Please pray for them, that they will grow in faith and find churches where they will be encouraged in the Lord.  Now that the course has finished we will start a course on John's gospel.

Christianity Explored (Wednesdays in Olomouc) 

This group has also been going well and we are coming up to the last meeting. About six university students are coming each week. One, Adam, is clearly not a Christian. He has been interested from the start and we believe he now fully understands the gospel and is being affected by it. He asks, 'What do I need to do to have real faith?’ We would be grateful for your prayers for him and all in the group. 

Jirka preaching

Studenské Křesťanské Hnutí (SKH) meetings in Olomouc

Five completely new students have started coming this term, which is very encouraging. They either saw the posters or were invited by friends. Altogether we are now about 15. One doesn't go to church and we are not sure if some of the others are Christians. We give thanks to God that the group is growing.

Jirka continues with the bible overview. This week the teaching is on Ruth and Esther. The students are finding it so helpful to get a grasp of the wider bible context and doing this has helped to bring everyone together as a group. 

Jirka recently organised a climbing event in Olomouc for the group.  The students invited a friend who is not a Christian but who is interested in climbing. He really enjoyed it and then gladly accepted the invitation to come to the planned Christmas evangelistic meeting on 7 December. Please pray for him, for all the preparations to be made and for other students who are invited to come along.

Mission event in Olomouc

Olomouc church plant

The church plant has started very well. Jirka has been serving through preaching and Keira and the children are involved with the music, refreshments and technical things. Jirka helped organise an evangelistic event in a park cafe in Olomouc with a small Jazz group to which he invited quite a few people. Please give thanks that they heard the gospel and pray that they will think about who Jesus is and consider coming along to hear more.  

This Sunday Jirka will be continuing to preach on Ecclesiastes and how it relates to the gospel of Jesus Christ. Ecclesiastes describes the transience of life but Jesus has power over all of nature and he has wisdom and authority. Please pray that this will be a massive encouragement to all who hear it.

We would value your prayers for the Christmas evangelistic events which are planned for the church plant.

Welcome notice outside the church plant.

Please give thanks

  • For the two people on the Zoom Christianity Explored course who have come to a saving faith in the Lord Jesus.

Please pray

  • For the Christianity Explored group meeting in Olomouc – for all in the group and especially for Adam, that he will come to know Jesus Christ as Lord.
  • For the students in Olomouc to continue to be encouraged by the bible overview and for the evangelistic meeting on 7 December.
  • For the Olomouc Church plant, in particular for the upcoming evangelistic events.

Many thanks for your partnership in the gospel. With much love in Christ, 

Jirka and Keira

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