Jirka and Keira Kralovi

Jirka and Keira are involved with student ministry in the city of Olomouc.

It is strategic work as, after they graduate, university students move to various towns and cities across the country and many take up positions of responsibility in their local churches. Jirka and Keira are keen to reach out to and disciple students whilst they are in Olomouc, equipping them for future life and ministry. After 12 years of being in the Czech Republic, Jirka and Keira have seen many students leave university and live faithful Christian lives in this largely atheist country. 

Their work involves frontline outreach on the streets of Olomouc and at local events, as well as giving talks for student societies. They run evangelistic events, mission weeks and Christianity explored courses and lead bible study groups and weekends away for the Christian students. Jirka also preaches regularly at their church and lectures at the Czech Bible Institute. Since 2020 they have been involved in a church plant, aiming to bring faithful bible-based preaching to a city largely devoid of evangelical churches.

To keep serving in Olomouc long-term, Jirka and Keira need more people to pray for and give to their ministry. They need an additional £15,000 per year to cover ministry and living costs. Please sign-up to pray and/or give using the boxes on this page.



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