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Sweden needs to hear God’s voice. Evangelicalism is in serious decline and fewer and fewer churches have the Bible at the heart of their ministry. There is great need for a return to gospel-centred expository preaching in order to shape churches and change lives through God’s powerful gospel.  

Equipped:Sweden is a new preacher training ministry led by Trevor and Andrea Watson.

The Equipped Course is a training course developed by David Jackman and the Proclamation Trust. It is designed to equip faithful proclaimers of God’s Word. There are three modules, with each module being taught over a two-day intensive. 

The Equipped Conference is an annual two-day bible conference. The first day is specifically for equipping those involved in ministries where proclaiming God’s word is central. The second day is for everyone who desires to go deeper in God’s word for the purpose of being better equipped to personally engage with the Bible and to share it effectively with others.
Equipped:Sweden also publishes Swedish translations of Christian books that complement both the course and the conference.




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