May 2022

The vision
Our vision is to glorify God by being a bible-centred, welcoming church family seeking to reach out with the gospel of Jesus in the Wanstead area. Wanstead is in East London. Although relatively affluent financially, it is a spiritually needy area of 25,000 people where less than 1% go to bible-centred churches in the area. We are a group of Christians seeking to bring the good news of Jesus to Wanstead and the surrounding area.

What’s been happening
It has been a great month of gospel partnership and preaching. About half a dozen evangelistic events have been held across the six churches that make up our Passion For Life partnership in North East London. Non-Christians have heard the gospel preached on each occasion. The World We All Want course has helped its participants understand the gospel. It has been good to see a better attendance at GC Tots and also have the opportunity to put up a book table on the High Street and chat to Wanstead residents about Easter. We have distributed 4,000 leaflets in Wanstead advertising our Good Friday and Easter Meetings.

Give thanks
•    For the challenge that Ezra 9-10 and Luke 13-14 have brought to our hearts.
•    For the all the people who have heard the gospel in the past month.
•    For the gospel partnership with other local evangelical churches.
•    For God sustaining us through another busy term.

Pray for our evangelism
•    For fruit to come from the Passion For Life mission.
•    For opportunities to come from our Easter leafleting, book tables and services.
•    For our ongoing friendship evangelism.
•    For more workers for God's harvest field in Wanstead.

Pray for our edification
•    That our sermons, bible studies and youth groups in Luke 13-19 will teach us more about Christ.
•    For our personal and family devotions.
•    That plans to restart the Training Ground in the Autumn might come to fruition.

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