September 2018

“But as for you, continue in what you have learned and have firmly believed, knowing from whom you learned it and how from childhood you have been acquainted with the sacred writings, which are able to make you wise for salvation through faith in Christ Jesus.”

Dear Friends,

In this quarterly prayer letter we want to share with you about our recent outreach in Åkersberga and little more about our homegroup leaders training. 

Outreach in Åkersberga

It was the last Sunday of August, the rain was keeping its distance, and the whole Åkersberga town was in motion. You could feel the excitement in the air for this was the big day, a day when every NGO and every organisation in the area wanted to be seen and acknowledged. Hundreds of people will pass your table and hopefully stop and ask some questions about you and what you are representing. Preparations had been going on for months. And there somewhere in the middle of all the hustle and bustle, there were we - the Emmaus Church - on our left side we had the local well-known golf club with their nice big tent and on our right side two elderly ladies from the rheumatic disease organisation.

We had a little table and on it we had: the Swedish version of Christianity Explored, John Piper’s book “50 reasons why Jesus came to die”, New Testaments, a Hallåvän poster, and flyers about Emmaus church and our activities. We divided the church team in two groups, each group stood at the table for four hours. Since this was the first time for us as Emmaus church to participate on “Kanalens dag” - as it is called - we didn’t know what to expect.  

Some people who came to our table were curious and asked us about Emmaus church, some even recognised us from the article about Hallåvän in the local newspaper. But there were also those who were less happy to see Christians that day and needed to express their disappointment in God - “If I could I would kill God” said a bitter lady. It was sad seeing her go from our table and knowing that there was absolutely nothing we could do to change her mind, except for praying for her. But on the other hand we had many good conversations with people and we could share the gospel. 

Halfway through the day, a Christian friend of Emmaus church, who is Nordic reward winner of face painting, joined us with her little suitcase full of paints and two chairs. Suddenly we had a lot of children queued up to get their face painted. While they were standing there waiting for their turn, we realised that we had a grand moment to speak with the parents and invite them to Hallovän in October. It was such a success!

When the day was over, we all felt blessed for this opportunity to show Åkersberga that Emmaus Church, though it’s a small church plant, we do exist. Who knows, maybe we will see some new faces in the church and an the Hallåvän event. We realise that this wouldn’t have been a successful day if you hadn’t kept us in your prayers, so thank you for participating with us on the Kanalens dag 2018! 

Homegroup leaders training

Last time we wrote, we spoke about our homegroup leaders training that we started in March 2018 with six potential leaders. The training progressed well and we finished the first part with lessons about what a homegroup is, what the purpose of a homegroup is, the biblical foundation of a homegroup, and the function and place of a homegroup in today's church. We also took time to look at a method called 4A-method that we developed. It is a simple method on how to read, understand and apply the Bible. This particular training is made for homegroup leaders and people reading the Bible one-on-one but also for personal growth. We have also developed the homegroup leaders training programme, specifically made for our current needs.

At the end of September and the end of November we will hopefully finish with two more modules (a total of six lessons).  We will look at the theme “how do I lead an effective discussion?” i.e how do I use good questions to get an effective discussion, that lets the Bible speak rather than our own opinions. All in all, the training has six modules and each module has three one-hour sessions, a total of 18 training hours. 

Reading bible one-on-one

Another thing that is increasing in the church is that people are meeting up more and more frequently on a one-on-one basis and that is really encouraging. Some will meet up weekly for lunch or coffee and others will find other ways to meet up. We are especially seeing more mature Christians meeting up with people who are new in faith to help them grow in Christ. To help everybody read the scriptures one-on-one we are also working to create simple bible studies that will be accessible online and on smartphones, so wherever they meet they can do some scripture reading and answer some basic questions. In this way we hope to ease the bible reading and make it possible to read anywhere, anytime.

With warmest greetings,
Chris & Lotta 


  • The people that have heard the Gospel in Åkersberga through our different activities.
  • The training of leaders for the homegroups, those who participate and us who are leading it. 
  • For us - for God’s wisdom as we create and develop all the material we are using in our different ministries.

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