Lifeline 4 Binche June 2021

A big thank you for your prayers that we would be able to visit the UK and see our children. We did! We saw all of them for extended periods, Charles’ mother and all our siblings (except Estella who lives in Japan and is currently unable to leave). 

Our dream of having all our family in the same place at the same time evaded us as we found ourselves still in quarantine for the second birthday party and the day before our second attempt Zoe developed a temperature so her family had to cry off. But 'worse things happen at sea' and we feel remarkably privileged to have seen them all and hugged most of them!

Creating a bunny hutch, doing the bedtime routine and seeing Zoe looking us up and down when she saw us in the flesh and not on a screen for the first time in nine months. (Her facial expression said, 'Wow, what do you know, “Manou” and “Papy” have legs and feet like other people and are actually quite big!') We still have COVID test number six to do before we are set free but the tears and retching are all worth it.

We came back to Belgium with Zoe’s infection and as we write we are recovering slowly – at least we know it isn’t coronavirus! Frances has completely lost her voice so it is a very quiet quarantine…

We had hoped to relaunch in-person church services in Binche this month but there is (again) confusion about which day we are allowed out of quarantine so that might need to be postponed another week. We would like to hold the services outdoors but if this isn’t possible due to the weather we will use the upstairs room in the local community centre (where we used to hold the Sunday school). It is large and airy so we should be able to meet as a small group. We have not yet read up on all the rules we will need to follow…

Previously we spent a few happy days in Brussels in April and our friends have asked to borrow our home again – this time for a leadership retreat of their Brussels church plant (Etterbeek). We hope to enjoy some peace and quiet in a flat belonging to other friends who will be coming to Binche. We are delighted that our lovely spacious home is being used again!

Several members of the Binche church community are really struggling with enormous personal issues. We find ourselves powerless to help, particularly in current circumstances, and overwhelmed by their complex lives. Please pray for them and us, that we will be bearers of Jesus’ light into their lives.

We are attending the Interaction youth camp at the end of July. Please pray for our preparations.

Greetings from sunny Binche,
Charles and Frances

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