Bridget Hathaway

Bridget worked for many years in rural Tanzania with the Diocese of Kagera. In 2003, she set up a Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) programme, working with people with disability in the community.

The focus was to bring change of attitude regarding disability and to empower people with disability to live more independently in society. However the most important part of the programme remains bringing the joy and freedom of new life in Christ to those who have been marginalised. In this respect each programme is built firmly on Christ the rock. 

In 2010, Bridget handed over the programme to local leadership. From 2011, Bridget’s role with Crosslinks was as a worldwide Consultant Advisor in Disability. This took her to various countries, imparting skills necessary to set up a disability programme and encouraging existing programmes. Bridget is currently working on a Disability Handbook, which combines information about disability with biblical teaching.

Bridget retired from Crosslinks in March 2019.

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