How Crosslinks began

Crosslinks began on 27 October, 1922.

36 men gathered in a room in Bedford Street, just off the Strand in London. These ‘founding fathers’ were there to decide on the name of their new Society. They named it The Bible Churchman’s Missionary Society (or BCMS). It became Crosslinks in 1992.

BCMS Crosslinks grew out of a desire to equip men and women to take God’s word to God’s world. The word ‘Bible’ was essential. At a time when many Christians were questioning the authority of God’s word, the founding members of BCMS saw the good news of Jesus in God’s word as everyone’s greatest need – whether rich or poor, sick or healthy, educated or uneducated.

100 years on, the mission of Crosslinks has not changed. The Bible is paramount to what our people, partners and projects work towards: God’s word to God’s world.

The last century has seen Crosslinks grow by God’s grace, power and faithfulness from its small beginnings in a room in London. We’ve moved a bit further down the road to Lewisham, but we still have a London team, and we’ve been joined by an Ireland team too. We’ve sent out 1,420 men and women to over 50 countries in the Lord’s global harvest field. We currently have 91 mission partners serving in 26 countries. We started out with three men who went to the indigenous communities of northern Canada. Now, in 2022, we’ve just sent out six new mission partners to Belgium, Cyprus and Spain.

Dr Daniel Bartlett (First Honorary Secretary and later President of BCMS)

And we’ve expanded our networks, partnering with local Christians in pioneering projects, helping to train hundreds of gospel workers through our bursary scheme and run Bible training conferences across the globe.

We are so thankful to those 36 men who gathered 100 years ago to found BCMS Crosslinks, who courageously held to their gospel convictions and who worked hard to bring the Bible to those who had not heard of Jesus.

And we are very thankful to the Lord, for his sustaining power, for sending us to his world and for his life-giving word in the Bible. 

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Polly Standring

As the communications content developer at Crosslinks, Polly helps mission partners connect with both Crosslinks and their supporters back home. As well as ensuring Crosslinks' internal communications run smoothly, she also oversees the writing of our external communications, including the Crosslinks blog.