Best of 2021

In case you missed any of these great stories from 2021, here’s a roundup of the most-read posts of last year. We think they're well worth your time!

1. My path to the mission field

Author: Nicky Milson, mission partner in Spain
Time to read: Four minutes
Why read this?
This post is an upfront account of how Nicky ended up as a mission partner. She didn’t expect to go, didn’t have the language skills or any special training – but it was clear where God was leading. Nicky shares her reasons to go and her reasons for not wanting to go. This post is a great insight into how anyone can be (and should consider being!) an overseas mission worker.

‘There was a sort of mourning knowing I’d have to leave all that behind and it was a really stark reality for me. It was tough. But it was what God was clearly calling us to do – there was nobody else to take on the role of minister in the church in Valencia and there was no reason to stop Julian taking it on.’

2. Seven books of mission

Author: Chris Howles, mission partner in Uganda
Time to read: Two minutes
Why read this? 
This short review by Chris will help you navigate the vast libraries of mission books out there. Chris ranks the books by readability so if you want something light or have appetite for a meaty tome, the book for you will be on this list. Many of these books have contributions from non-western authors and so provide a global outlook on a global topic. Read this blog post to find out why you should read these books!

3. Where is home for the missionary kid?

Author: Claudia Chan, Crosslinks staff member
Time to read: Three minutes
Why read this?
Growing up in a country that’s different to where their parents are from means that mission partner children are stuck between cultures. Many don’t feel quite at home in any. Claudia explains some of the challenges from her first-hand experience of being a ‘third-culture kid’. This post will help you better understand what being a missionary kid is like.

‘For children of mission partners, their host culture feels like home but not in the same way it does to the locals. They look and sound different so there are constant reminders that they don’t belong.’

4. Five things we forget to pray for mission partners

Time to read: Two minutes
Why read this? 
There’s bound to be at least one (if not five!) things on this list that you’re not praying for your mission partners on a regular basis. But they’d love it if you did! Beyond the things they write in their prayer letters, there are things mission partners would love the Lord’s help with year-round. Scribble these things on a post-it or save them on your phone so bringing these things before the Lord becomes a regular part of your day.

5. Being a mum on the mission field

Author: Harriet Algeo, mission partner in The Gambia
Time to read: Ten seconds plus 25 minutes listening time
Why read this?
This one feel like cheating because it’s less of a blog post and more of a signpost for our podcast – but it’s very worth checking out! (So say the hundreds of people who’ve read and listened so far!) Harriet gives an honest and insightful look into daily life in a rural African village and shares what went through her mind before she made the move. Read/listen to have your eyes opened to the day-to-day reality for Harriet and other mission partners in her position. Also worth a listen if you've ever considered going and doing likewise – Harriet challenges some of our own objections to uprooting ourselves from the comforts of UK life.

'I realised that I idolised health and safety for my children. But their lives are in the Lord's hands so they're not going to have something happen to them in The Gambia that is outside of his control...'

6. 12 lessons from a pandemic year

Author: Mark Oden, mission partner in Italy
Time to read: Two minutes
Why read this?
Though written last April, every one of these 12 lessons are just as relevant today. They’re things we can see the truth in as we look at our current situation and they’re things we’re continually going to have to re-learn. If you want to challenge your outlook and be encouraged in a time of uncertainty, this is a must read.

7. How to raise up future mission partners

Time to read: Four minutes
Why read this?
You’ve heard it said (by Jesus!), ‘The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few’ but what are you doing about this? This blog posts challenges church leaders and others to take their role as trainers and senders seriously. There are 10 ideas of things you can do to encourage a mission-mindset and practically equip people in your church for overseas service. Give it a read if you want to be mobilised to action!

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