Five things we forget to pray for mission partners

Struggling to know what to pray for your mission partners? Here are some less obvious things your mission partner would love prayer for:

1.    Fellowship and friendship
Many mission partners serve in places where there are far fewer believers, or communication barriers make fellowship hard work. When mission partners are new to the field, it can feel like all their close friends are hundreds of miles away. Pray for deep friendships, encouraging times of fellowship and spiritual support from fellow Christians locally. 

2.    Good relationships within families and with co-workers
Mission partners often say that life is much harder than it was before they left the UK. The climate can be exhausting, language learning frustrating and cultural differences challenging, so stress levels run high and emotions are on the edge. Pray that God will give mission partners love for their family members and colleagues in tough times as well as when things are going well. Pray that the way they conduct their relationships will be a good witness to their community.

3.    Strength to withstand sin and temptation
It’s easy to assume that mission partners are super-Christians and don’t struggle with sin. But they know too well that they can only carry on their ministry because of the strength God gives them. Pray that the Lord will use the time your mission partners spend in his word to refresh and sustain them. Pray that they will be able to prioritise time in prayer and be maturing in their faith. Pray that they will be equipped with the whole armor of God to withstand Satan’s schemes.

4.    Refreshment and joy
Ministry discouragements, frequent trials, being separated from close friends and family. Often suffering and tragedy are more present in society in places where mission partners serve and work can be draining and appear fruitless. Pray that the Lord will refresh his servants emotionally and mentally. Pray that when life is hard, they will find joy in their salvation. Pray for times of relaxation and fun. 

5.    Knowing their true identity
Mission partners take on more cultural baggage than most of us. As they swing between following the norms and behaviours of their passport and placement countries, they’re often left feeling out of kilter in both. Parents raise children whose first culture becomes increasingly less British. Like every Christian, they are also aware of their citizenship in heaven, whilst serving Christ on earth. These threads are entwined but can become knotted and complex to navigate. Pray that mission partners and their families will know their true identity in Jesus and that this will liberate them to move between cultures on earth.

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