Getting involved in mission from home

Travel is restricted, socialising is limited, finances are tight and we’re all a bit fed up with video calls! But how can you play an active part in God’s mission in and through current circumstances?

Here are five practical ways you can get more involved in global mission from home today:

1.    Get to know some mission partners.

Find out about workers on-the-ground so you can engage with what they’re doing. Reading prayer letters and browsing this page are good places to start! You could attend a mission partner’s online church service or send them an email to get the ball rolling.

2.    Encourage those on-the-ground.

Friendship and encouragement from afar can help mission partners keep going long-term. Emails, phone calls and letters are great. Postcards have been particularly appreciated by children stuck in lockdown. You can also offer support by sending gospel materials or resources.

3.    Pray!

One of the ways the gospel goes out is through Christians in one country praying for the work of Christians in another. What we see in the New Testament is what we see happening everyday as our mission partners’ work bears fruit because of the prayers of their supporters. You may be stuck at home, but by praying you join your mission partner in frontline mission. God can act mightily to bring people to faith whatever the circumstances, so pray for this! Mission partner prayer letters have loads of specific points for prayer, or check out this page.

4.    Prepare for when restrictions are over.

Whenever that day is, it’d be good to be ready for it! If you’re thinking about going overseas, do some online training, connect with people in ministry already or start the ball rolling in applying to be a mission partner. Get familiar with books of the Bible you’d love to open with others or read books that will help with your mission and evangelism.

5.    Get others on board too.

Tell others about the mission work you’re getting involved with. Grow the team of people praying for your mission partners. Encourage friends and family to get involved in global gospel proclamation. Get in touch with us for resources you can share.

Throughout the Bible and history we can see God using adverse circumstances to stimulate kingdom growth. God is going to use this pandemic for his purposes, so why not get involved too? 

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