Will you use Zoom when lockdown is over?

Screen fatigue has hit hard! The day when we don’t have to use Zoom anymore can’t come soon enough. But what about the mission partner?

‘One advantage of the pandemic is that we have become better connected to our friends and partner churches. Normally we feel the 5,000 miles that stretch between us but this period has created opportunities to connect. We’ve enjoyed Skype and Zoom meetings, we’ve featured in online services, Josh has even preached for UK churches in a way that would not be possible under normal circumstances.’ (Josh and Cathy Hooker, Namibia)

So how about it – instead of deleting that Zoom account, could you use it to connect more regularly with your mission partners? Because, after all, you are partners in the work. You pray and give money but emotional and spiritual support are a big part of what it means to partner. Overseas ministry can be hard and lonely – so could Zoom help you to help your mission partners keep going?

‘This time has enabled us to feel really close to our UK partners we have loved the messages, the WhatsApp, the contact…’ (Rachael and Bernie Muluuta, Uganda)

A call with a Christian friend is a very special thing. You’ve read, ‘Let us know how we can be praying for you’ on prayer letters – but they really do want to hear from you! They really want to be in genuine two-way partnership, to be involved in your ministry as you are in theirs. 

‘We have been able to join together with some of our partner churches and feel part of a larger community of God’s people...’ (Julian and Nicky Milson, Spain)

Send your church’s prayer diary, share the anxieties, joys and opportunities you’re facing. Or just let them know you’re praying for them – it’s such an encouraging thing to hear! (The Apostle Paul thought so too – e.g. chapter 1 of Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, etc!)

Send us an email if you’d like to know how to connect with your mission partner.

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