What’s kept you going?

The impact of coronavirus has, in some ways, been similar across the globe. But, in other ways, it has been very different . Our partners have faced a huge range of challenges. What kept them going?

From Thailand, James shares, 'When COVID-19 hit nobody could go outside to do ministry together. It felt like solitude, like I was doing ministry alone. What kept me going was the responsibility that comes with God's calling, my love for God's people and seeing that they were still keeping their faith.' 

In Hungary, László says, 'I lost my job because of the virus. But I am really grateful for this! The relationships within my family have strengthened in every respect and my relationship with the Lord Jesus has strengthened so much. I’ve been able to see more clearly the value of being able to live and the value of being able to live with Jesus.'

Matthias in The Gambia shares, 'When I saw my friends losing hope, being afraid, telling me how COVID-19 numbers were increasing and death rates rising, I feared. But I have learned to trust the Lord because in Christ alone my hope is found. I've learned to read his word daily and rely on his words.' 

In Chile, Cristóbal says, 'What helped me endure is the belief in a sovereign God who is also my Father. He has shown his love for me in Jesus dying for me on the cross. His sovereign rule plus his fatherly love have cared for my soul in the darkest moments.'

From South Africa, Nhlanhla shares, 'What has been a struggle for us during the COVID-19 crisis is ministering to one another. It's been tough. We are pastoring and taking care of people who have the lowest standard of living. But what kept us going was the word of God. For the first time the gospel made sense to us - it became real. We were kept by the word of God.'

Zimbabwean Abednigo shares, 'In Zimbabwe, many people are not employed now. Most of them are living on one meal a day and things are not looking good. Many people came to me as a pastor and asked, "Where is God in all this suffering? Does God still exist? Is he still in control?'" I always encourage them with Psalm 46v10: "Be still and know that I am God. I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth!" This has really kept us going and really encouraged us as Christians to look up to God.'

In Uganda, Wilson says, 'For people in the slums, COVID-19 has meant that many have not been able to put food on the table. But Isaiah 58:10-12 has been our source of encouragement. The community of believers who consistently pray for us and give of their resources has been such a blessing. We raised enough funds to provide for these vulnerable people. We are praying that God will open their hearts to the message of the gospel.' 

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