What next?

Next steps after a short-term mission trip

You’re back! And your enthusiasm for global mission is at an all-time high. But what next? What happens when day-to-day life resumes? Will your commitment to playing a part in God’s great commission start to fade? We don’t want your dedication for reaching the lost to slip away – so here are some suggestions to make sure your short-term trip has a long-term impact:

  1. Talk about it. Tell family, friends, people at church. Share on social media, present in a church service. The more you talk the more it will stay on your mind! What’s more, in speaking about those you met and the work you did, others will get excited about it too. Could you write something for the Crosslinks blog about your time overseas? If so, contact Louise.
  2. Stay connected. Keep in the loop about what’s going on in God’s church across the world by receiving regular email bulletins and magazines from Crosslinks. Through a monthly dose of news from Crosslinks mission partners, you’ll find it hard to feel out of touch with global mission. Let us know if you want to receive the Crosslinks magazine in the post or click here and scroll to the bottom of the page to sign-up to our E bulletin. Also, come along to Crosslinks events. These include our main summer meetings in London and Lisburn, where we celebrate what God’s been doing through Crosslinks workers over the last 12 months.
  3. Pray. Remember before the Lord the people and places you were serving alongside and those you were reaching out to. Pray by name for locals you met and pray that God would continue to work in their lives. Bring before God the mission partners you worked with and pray informed prayers about the challenges they face. To receive their regular prayer letters, search for their page on the Crosslinks website and click the sign-up to pray button. And pray that God will keep you enthused about worldwide mission too. There may be a Crosslinks prayer meeting near where you live – or why not start one up? It’s a great way to join with others to bring global gospel work before the Lord.
  4. Give. The long-term mission work you had a taste of only happens thanks to those back home. By giving regularly to this work, you’ll have a real stake in what’s going on. Set up a regular donation or give a one-off gift on the Crosslinks website. If those you were working with are fully funded, we can link you up with someone else who is in need of financial partners. Why not give in other ways too? Parcels of treats from home, cards at birthdays and Christmas – little things that show someone is thinking of them make a big difference to mission partners in isolated settings.
  5. Endorse it. Tell others that they should go on short-term trips too! Your good word will go a long way in getting others going overseas for God’s mission. And recommending it to others will keep reminding you of the benefits! Also endorse the work you were part of. You can be the one who gets a whole church praying for and giving to overseas mission work – tell everyone what’s happening day-in, day-out in the location you served in.
  6. Go again. Take another short-term trip – either to the same place or to a new one. Keep experiencing what’s happening around the world for the growth of God’s kingdom. And consider going long-term. Many Crosslinks long-term mission partners started out on a short-term trip, often thinking that would be their one and only! Get in touch if you’re considering going again or take a look at our short-term and long-term opportunities pages.
  7. Reach out to others. You’re one of the best placed people to understand the experiences others face when they come back. Arrange to meet up, send a text – even if you don’t know them that well, you’re support could help just when it’s needed. Similarly, you know what it’s like to arrive into a new culture, so try to befriend those who come here to work or study. Look out for new people at work, uni and church or link up through organisations such as Friends International.
  8. Get involved in local cross-cultural mission work. 14% of people living in the UK were not born here so there’s a huge need for cross-cultural mission on home soil. Find out what churches near you are involved with and ask if you can take part.
  9. Read missionary biographies. Challenging, encouraging, inspiring – reading tales from those who’ve gone before us never fail to keep you excited about God’s mission and keen to keep playing your part.

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