Coronavirus: how can I pray for the world?

Please join us in bringing before the Lord some of the situations mission workers across the globe are facing.

In India, coronavirus is spreading fast and becoming uncontrollable. This is a particular concern for families living in informal settlements and those unable to access healthcare. Pray that the virus doesn’t reach slum communities and that necessary sanitation facilities can be provided. The impact on the economy has caused four banks to declare bankruptcy, which means many people can’t access their money. Pray that this situation is resolved and that people are able to buy what they need. Pray for Crosslinks projects in Delhi – the Education 4 Liberation after school clubs have had to close and North India Bible Training workshops have been cancelled. Pray for the Lord’s provision and wisdom. As church attendance declines, pray that the Lord will keep his children trusting in Christ.

As lockdown continues in Italy, people can only leave their houses for essential reasons. They're not allowed to meet up with others beyond their family unit. Schools are closed and families are spending every day inside small apartments. Church services and bible studies are taking place through Facebook and WhatsApp. Many mission partners are feeling vulnerable and fragile, being far from family and with young children in a country they haven't been in for that long. Pray for wisdom, protection and real dependence on the Lord. Give thanks that digital church meetings are proving fruitful and encouraging. Pray that churches will grow in love and trust in Jesus, obeying God's command to love each other with wisdom as they do this through social media rather than in person. Remember Forte Torre Church in Bologna and Chiesa Evangelica Neapolis in Naples. Ask the Lord to enable the Italian Church to be a witness during this time of fear and to call many to himself.

Moldova - Europe's poorest country - has closed its borders and banned all flights from the UK. Moldovans are fearful and worried as the healthcare system is ill-equipped to cope with an outbreak. The Innes family are on home leave in the UK and were due to return to Moldova on 21 March. Pray for Graeme and Bequi Innes as they sort out the logistics of having to stay in the UK, such as finding accomodation and schooling for the children. Pray that they’d be able to keep serving their Moldovan church family remotely – leading bible studies by social media etc. Pray for Moldovan Christians not to be fearful but to cling to the hope they have in Christ. 

In Kenya, as schools and other businesses close, many who are paid a daily wage are no longer able to feed their families. Pray for the Lord’s provision and that he would use the Church as a valuable witness for Christ. The Kenyan government have closed all education institutes which means that the Kenyan gap year programme TransformD, run by mission partners Gerald and Louise Mwangi, has had to close. All Kenyan participants of the programme have returned home already and the Crosslinks Gap Year Team will fly back to the UK on 21 March. Pray that they’d know that God is good, in control and works all things for his perfect plan. Pray that they’d be able to encourage each other in their disappointment and that they’d be used by the Lord during their remaining time in Kenya. Pray too for Gerald and Louise as they adjust to a very different working week now that TransformD is closed. Pray especially for good health for Louise as she is pregnant, and for energy and patience as they take care of their energetic twin boys. Waneki and Mary Mahiaini have had to cancel all classes at St Julian’s Anglican Training Centre, jeopardising the training of lay readers. Pray that this difficult time will be over quickly and that when the centre is able to restart all those who had signed-up to attend will still be able to do so.  

In South Africa, schools are shut, borders are closed, foreign nationals are not allowed to enter the country and large public gatherings have been banned. Alun and Debbie Burt report that their church has had to cancel their upcoming holiday club and mission week. Pray for the community they live in, where many large extended families live together in small wooden houses. The virus is likely to spread quickly through this neighbourhood. Pray too for the many millions living with HIV and TB, who are especially vulnerable. For many children, school is the only place they can be safe whilst their parents are working. For others, it is the only place they can be sure of a good meal. As schools close, pray for provision, protection and for churches to be able to help meet people’s needs. Pray for Alun and the church leadership team at St Thomas’ as they seek to work out what ministering wisely and generously looks like.  

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