What do Swedes know about Christianity?

Chris and Lotta Strajnic

This summer our church took part in the annual community fair. Our purpose was to let people know that the church exists and to advertise our outreach events. At our stall we had different activities going on: hand puppets (which the small children loved!), face painting and - the absolute hit of the year - a 10-question Christian quiz. For example, ‘Where was Jesus born?’ and ‘How many disciples did Jesus have?’  Scroll down below to see all the questions. They were all from the New Testament and were, we hoped, common knowledge questions. However, this quiz was an eye-opener for us. 

Firstly, it was the children who were keen on doing the quiz. Most grown-ups were not interested when they found out it was about Christianity. I said to one girl, ‘Your mum is more than welcome to help you’ and her mum laughed and said (a little nervously), ‘My daughter is more religious than me!’ Another parent said to his child, ‘Let's leave this, the questions are way too difficult.’ The daughter answered him, ‘For you, yes, but not for me!’ We even had parents mocking and making fun of our Christian faith while the child showed interest. 

The second eye-opener was the answers we got from the last question on the quiz, ‘How do you become a Christian?’ Almost everyone thought that it was by doing good deeds. Sad, but I guess not surprising. Some people were interested in hearing the right answers, which gave us the opportunity to explain the gospel to them.

Despite the hostile responses, there were some who were really interested in our church. An old lady came to us who has just moved to our neighbourhood and is looking for a church. Another family approached our table and asked about the children’s choir. Another family, who bring their daughter to our kids club, were delighted to see us and said they wanted to come to church regularly.

Pray for all those people, young and old, who we met for the first time and who heard the gospel. Please help us pray for them.


10-question Christian quiz

  1. How did the virgin Mary find out that she was going to have a baby?

a) From an angel b) A voice from heaven c) Writing on the wall 

  1. Which city was Jesus born in?

a) Nazareth b) Jerusalem c) Bethlehem

  1. Where was Jesus born?

a) In a stable b) In a house c) In a castle

  1. Who does Jesus say that he is?

a) A Prophet b) A Priest c) God's Son

  1. What kind of insects did John the Baptist eat in the desert?

a) Grasshoppers b) Caterpillars c) Flying ants

  1. How many men did Jesus feed with five loaves of bread and two fish?

a) 10 b) 400 c) 5,000

  1. How many disciples did Jesus have?

a) 3 b) 12 c) 10

  1. Which disciple denied that he knew Jesus three times?

a) John b) Peter c) Thomas

  1. What was Simon Peter's job before he became a disciple?

a) Carpenter b) Fishermen c) Doctor

  1. How do you become a Christian?

a) By doing good works b) By believing in Jesus c) By reading the bible

Why not try this quiz out in your local setting? Let us know and we'll share on the blog how people's knowledge of Christianity varies in different places.

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Chris and Lotta Strajnic

Chris and Lotta have been serving at Emmaus Church in Åkersberga, Stockholm since 2014. Before this they served in Serbia for 13 years, writing and running training courses for churches and preachers.